Ark Valguero Gems Locations

If you are looking for different types of Gems in Ark Valguero, then you've come to the right guide as we'll take you right to em.

Gems come in three different varieties in Ark Valguero which are Red, Blue, and Green. The gems are utilized in the creation of new items and elements. For the gas collector, you’ll need red gems, and for the saddles and equipment, blue and green gems.

Blue Gem is perfect for boosting the structural integrity of weapons, armor, and constructions due to its peculiar characteristics. Numerous objects can be made with blue gems. In Ark Valguero, Blue Gems can be extracted from the Aberration Cave. Numerous objects can be made with these gems.

Red Gems are mostly utilized for various equipment, including saddles. Players can locate numerous red/blue gems in the purple crystals if they enter the rad zone from the right side. The alternative is to adhere to Roll Rats. Once you have enough red stones for the gas collector and enough blue gems to construct a set of hazmat, follow Roll Rats around and use crab + anky to farm an unlimited supply of red/blue gems.

Green gems are the third category of gems. Green Gem is a crafting material used to make saddles and crude tools. These gems are required by Ark Valguero players to purchase flying pigs and other items. This guide aims to describe every method and identify each spot where players can collect gems in Ark Valguero.

Ark Valguero Gems Locations

First of all, players need to get down to the aberration zone. The coordinates for this area are :

Lat 37.8


Lon 58.0

The aberration zone is located inside this cave. Players must now locate the gems once they have descended into the cave. Green gems are easy to locate because they are present throughout the cave.

Location #1

The first location where players can get these gems is at the following coordinates :

Lat 26.5

Lon 62.0

This is the place where the gas balls are. Very next to gas balls there’s a hill down there. That is where you can find green gems. So the exact location for finding green gems is :

Lat 27.5

Lon 63.0

Location #2

So move forward, just down the road, actually just a touch you’ll find blue and red gems. They may look blue or purplish but players will get both types of gems as they hit them.

Lat 35.9

Lon 65.0

The purple jewels that players can see at this position are actually where the Rad zone begins. Find these purple rocks so that Rock Drake can help you collect blue and red jewels. The rad zone must be reached by players flying down, but not too far.

There’s another entrance to the radiation zone, but that is not recommended as there are snakes and other creatures there.

Location #3

Players first need to find Lamprey. Most people avoid them because there’s a chance of death if they bite you. But they also offer you 600 seconds of protection from the radiation zone. So if the players don’t have the resources to get the Hazard suit then this is probably the best way.

Lamprey can usually be found in the little alcove with gas at the end of the water/swamp area in the aberration zone. So once you find a Lamprey, just simply touch it but be careful. As soon as you touch it 600 seconds begin. In these 600 seconds, players need to rush to the radiation zone and find as many of the gems as they can.

Location #4

A ledge containing a collection of blue gems can be found higher up in the aberration zone, in another position. 300 plus with anky. The location’s coordinates are as follows:

Lat 31.5

Lon 74.6

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