Ark Valguero Cactus Locations

In this detailed guide, we will help you locate the best places to farm Cactus in Ark Valguero and also talk about its uses.

Cactus is a very beneficial resource in Ark Valguero. Cactus sap is extracted from the cacti which has numerous uses.  The cactus sap acts as a food and is used in the crafting of cactus broth, clay, and propellants.  The sap is also required to create ammo such as flame arrows and flamethrower ammunition.

The following guide highlights the best locations to farm Cactus in Ark Valguero.

Ark Valguero Cactus Locations

Cactus can be located easily based on their unique shape. They come in different sizes. The smaller ones are spherical while the larger ones have a rod-like structure on top. Flying over the locations is the most effective way to find cacti. The following map highlights the locations of Cactus in Ark Valguero:

Ark Valguero Cactus Locations

Location #1

The first location of the Cactus is at the following coordinates:

  • 84 LAT
  • 69 LON

This is the South-Eastern corner of the map. At this location, there are pools, and cacti are found all around them. The cacti are not abundant so the player keeps a keen eye to trace them.  Use a chainsaw to cut the cactus.


Location #2

The Second location for Cactus is at the following coordinates:

  • 82 LAT
  • 88 LON

The location is the DLC region in Ark Valguero known as the White Cliffs. This is one of the best locations for getting Cacti but be very careful of the Deinonychus, Allosaurus, and Raptors near the resources. There are a lot of open areas on the map, making defense extremely difficult in case of attacks.

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