Ark The Center Oil Vein Locations

This guide lets you in on some of the best locations where you can find and farm Oil Veins in Ark The Center expansion.

In Ark the Center, Oil Veins are a novel mechanic and potentially valuable. It permits the positioning of an oil extraction device on top of it. There are 22 Oil Veins spread throughout 16 different places. Any type of terrain, including mountains, deserts, and jungles, can contain oil veins.

Oil Veins are a major resource with many benefits in Ark The Center, including the ability to produce oil units. This system has developed throughout the game to become one of the most crucial components for surviving because it gives players an infinite supply of energy.

To create oil, an oil pump must be positioned on top of an oil vein. Once a pump is installed, it will create 1 unit of Oil every 20 seconds for the pump’s inventory.

Where to Find Oil Veins in Ark The Center

In this Arc The Center guide, we will discuss where players can locate Oil Veins and obtain a large amount of energy.

Players will learn the quickest route to get the oil above ground in the Center expansion without having to dive, hold their breath, or worry about anything else.

Ark The Center Oil Vein Locations


Location #1

Reach the top of a cliff, this may be a weird experience to go straight up. When you will reach the top you will see the green obelisk right there.

This green obelisk has a giant pore of water right next to it and an iceberg right there in the middle so reach that place. It has coordinates :

Lat 35

Lon 10

This is where you got penguins initially but there’s oil and metal on this iceberg. In the water, swords have been known to spawn. Just get one of them and go to an iceberg and get your oil.

Location #2

The second place to find the oil veins is at the following coordinates :

Lat 60.0

Lon 22.5

In the beginning, take the oil from one of the snowy areas. The water beneath the floating Center is a good area to find Basil and kill him for a large oil haul when you have tamed a nice killer dino.

Other Ways to Farm Oil Veins

A small ice island on the opposite side of the map, where the oil rocks spawn, has oil veins in addition to these two unique sites.

If not, they can simply purchase a large number of dung beetles and a phiomia, which will provide them with all the oil. I might require the middle map to have a bunch of caves where you can fly in and securely collect a dung beetle.

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