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Ark: Survival Evolved Update 216 Adds Swamp and Snow Regions

A new update (216) for Ark: Survival Evolved is now live and it adds two new regions to the Island. Players will be able to explore both Swamp and Snow regions of the map.

Both areas will include items appropriate for their climate, in addition to new creatures. The swamp is described as “a fetid, hazy, waterlogged expanse,” where players can expect to encounter different creatures like “snakes, gators, bugs, piranhas, and the all-new “Beelzebufo” gigantic frog.”

There are poisonous plants spread throughout the swamp, however, going through the spread is worthwhile due to unique plant life that can be harvested for advance recipes.

As for the Snow region:

vicious “Dire Wolves” roam over these lands, looking for their next prey! Although when tamed a Dire Wolf can serve as a powerful, incredibly fast friend, useful for hunting down the elegant Megaloceros “Stags” that also call this biome home. High quality resources are plentiful among the harsh natural beauty of the frozen wastes.

Rest of the details can be found in the video above or in a post on Steam. If you have anything interesting to add to the story, let us know in the comments below.

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