Ark Survival Evolved Alpha Tusoteuthis Taming Guide

Alpha Tusoteuthis is the superior version of a normal Tusoteuthis in Ark Survival Evolved. The Alpha version of any creature in Ark is scary and very tough to encounter. Facing this creature without preparation can be very dangerous. Dive into this guide if you want to locate and tame Alpha Tusoteuthis in Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved Alpha Tusoteuthis Location

Alpha Tusoteuthis in Ark Map is usually found underwater as they are very good at swimming. Alpha Tusoteuthis surrounds every corner of the Ark Island map which makes it very easy for you to locate them.

In case you’re facing issues finding this creature in Ark, refer to the coordinates and highlighted image below:

Ark Survival Evolved Alpha Tusoteuthis location

Location 1

LAT: 91

LON: 87

Location 2

LAT: 90

LON: 9

Location 3

LAT:  9

LON:  8

Location 4

LAT: 9

LON: 90

Alpha Tusoteuthis is not tamable in Ark Survivor Evolved. Even if you try to tame it, you’ll have to face consequences.

Appearance and Behavior

Alpha Tusoteuthis is only found in the deepest parts of the ocean, where it swims slowly. It will move towards the player upon spotting the player and attack the player.  Appearance-wise, it looks like giant squid but is scarier than its timid cousins. Mosasaurs will be unable to escape Tusoteuthis’ blood-sucking tentacles, which possess hooked suckers.

As the writhing mass moves, a parrot’s beak emerges from the center, ripping flesh, shell, and bones into pieces that can be swallowed. When threatened, Tusoteuthis can spray oily ink. Underwater terror Tusoteuthis is unmatched.

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