Ark Survival Evolved Servers Will Be Wiped On Launch Depending On Population

According to co-creative director of Studio Wildcard, Ark Survival Evolved servers will be wiped at launch but only those with are rarely used.

Ark Survival Evolved is currently in early access for PC and Xbox One, and now the release for the game is getting closer and closer. This is causing some fans to fear that Studio Wildcard will wipe the Ark Survival Evolved servers clean at launch and all of the countless hours players poured into the game will be lost

Ark Survival Evolved co-creative director and lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz said that the studio will archive the official server save data for those player who want to host their own, and the official Ark Survival Evolved servers will be wiped clean once Ark Survival Evolved launches later this year.

However, a fans wrote a letter to the studio, requesting that the developer not delete all the work that him and his tribe has accomplished. In response Stieglitz had a change of heart, and announced that the servers will be wiped on launch, but only those which are rarely used.

He also said that players will be notified one month prior to the wiping of the server, and the save files will be provided to those players who want to re-host and new servers will also be added.

We take the time players put into the game seriously, and we want to reward them for that. The reward is having a permanent impact on your ARK, simple as that.

This is a good news for the Ark Survival Evolved players as long as they are connected to the server which has a healthy population. The population of the official Ark Survival Evolved servers has been increased significantly since the game has hit steam early access last July and Xbox One preview program last December.

The Primitive Plus mod is scheduled to release on July 28th for free. The mod brings quite a lot of changes with new building types, more weapons and other unique items.

Ark Survival Evolved will officially launch this coming winter on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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