Ark Survival Evolved Cactus Locations Guide

In this guide, we will discuss cactus in detail, including how players can find this resource in all the DLCs of Ark Survival Evolved.

In Ark Survival Evolved, the Cactus is more or less the same as it is in the real world. The Cactus in this game is a consumable resource that is of great importance. This resource is not very rare and players can come across this with really little effort in all Ark Survival Evolved extensions.

In this guide, we will discuss cactus in detail, including how players can find this resource in all the DLCs of Ark Survival Evolved, what are some uses of this resource, and what not.

Ark Survival Evolved Cactus Locations

In Ark Survival Evolved, unfortunately, there are no resources for Cactus. Currently, in the base game, there is no location where players can go and collect cacti. However, the map is full of other resources that players should check out.

Uses Of Cactus In Ark Survival Evolved

In Ark Survival Evolved, the Cactus is a consumable resource. The major use of this resource is to get players rid of their hunger.

The best use of cactus however is as cactus sap. It is extracted from the cacti which have numerous uses.  The cactus sap acts as a food and is used in the crafting of cactus broth, clay, and propellants.  The sap is also required to create ammo such as flame arrows and flamethrower ammunition.

In Ark Survival Evolved players need some tools like Whip, Pick Axe, Hatch, etc to harvest Cactus. Let’s discover how to discover Cactus survival evolved with the help of these tools.


Cactus Location In Ragnarok

Ragnarok is a non-canonical DLC expansion that is more than double the size of The Island. This Expansion is full of resources, including Cacti, located throughout the Ragnarok map.

However, if you want to know the best location to farm Cactus in Ark Ragnarok, you need to go to the bottom left of the map as there are plenty of them on the cliff.

Cactus Locations in Ark Genesis: Part 2

It is the final paid Expansion that you can unlock using the Genesis Season Pass. It is a strange area filled with strange biomes and creatures.

Its map is set aboard the massive genesis ships with two rings. You can find Cactus in Ark Genesis Part 2 the desert area of the map.

Cactus Locations in Crystal Isles

Crystal Isles is a free DLC Expansion for the Ark Survival Evolved. It consists of many small islands and some new creatures for you to find and tame.

Players seeking cactus in Ark Crystal Isles should head towards the desert Savannah. This place is great for starters.

Cactus Locations in Ark The Centre

Ark The Center is one of the most beautiful expansion maps. Most of the area is underwater. Players can only find Cactus in the South Area at the following coordinates:

  • Lat 63 Lon 55

Cactus Locations in Ark Valguero

Ark Valguero is a vast area that consists of almost every type of region. You will find many areas like Jungles, Snow, Mountains, and Water. In Ark Valguero, players should head towards White cliff if they are looking for Cactus in Ark Valguero.

Cactus Locations in Ark Scorched Earth

Ark Scorched Earth is a little different Expansion than others surrounded by desert. It has mountain ranges on both sides of the map. The best location to find cacti in Ark Scorched Earth on this map is the desert dome.

Cactus Locations in Ark Lost Island

Lost Island is another free expansion for the Ark Survival Evolved that features some new creatures and lost cities. It is again a lost region in the middle of the Ocean.

Most of the Cacti in Ark Lost Island is found in the mid-desert region.

Cactus Location in Ark Fjordur

Ark Fjordur is a new expansion for the Ark Survival Evolved that covers almost all types of biomes. You will find snow, mountains, water, woods, and volcanoes.

Cactus in Ark Fjodur can be easily found on Volcano Island, southeast of the Fjordur Region.

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