Ark Scorched Earth Fire Wyvern Location and Taming

A guide that tells you where to find a Fire Wyvern in Ark Scorched Earth and then we'll discuss what are some of the best ways to tame it.

A Fire Wyvern is one of the four variations of Wyverns found in Ark Scorched Earth. Wyverns are huge flying creatures that can shoot different projectiles from the gland in their mouths depending on their variant.

Fire Wyverns appear in reddish-brown and shoot Fire Projectiles as their ability. Due to their combat abilities and flight maneuverability, they are highly sought-after tames; however, this fact also makes taming them quite tricky.

Unlike other creatures, you cannot tame an adult Wyvern, and trying so will only waste your time. Instead, you would need to raise one from a Wyvern Egg.

The following guide will show you where to find a Fire Wyvern egg and how to tame it once you have acquired the egg.

Ark Scorched Earth Fire Wyvern Location

The Fire Wyvern Egg will be located in the same place as the Lightning and Poison Wyvern Eggs. You must head towards the trench between the snow biome and the volcano.

The entrance to this trench will be at the coordinates:

Latitude: 30.8 , Longitude: 65.4

Take a few steps forward and see a flowing lava pool to your right. Look towards your immediate left, and you’ll see a red egg sitting in its nest at a slightly elevated position.

The egg will be at the approximate coordinates:

Latitude 30.7, Longitude 63.9

Remember that the adult Wyverns will be alerted once you grab the egg and chase you. You must have an escape plan ready to aid your exit, or you will get shot down by the Wyverns.

Effective escape strategies require a flying tame fast enough to outspeed a wyvern or a powerful tame strong enough to takeout the attacking swarm.

How to Tame Fire Wyvern

Once you have the Fire Wyvern egg in your procession, the next step will be to incubate the egg. Unlike other creatures, Wyvern eggs require a lot of heat for incubation.

The ideal temperature range is 80 to 90° C. You can achieve this temperature by surrounding the egg with torch stands. Using 4 air condition units would also help bring the Eggs to their ideal temperature and account for temperature changes depending on the time of day. You can even consider using an Egg Incubator

Under suitable conditions, the egg will hatch in about 5 hours. The newly hatched Fire Wyvern cannot be fed Raw Meat, unlike most carnivorous creatures; instead, you will need to feed it Wyvern Milk.

To acquire Wyvern Milk, you can either knock out a female Wyvern and collect the Milk from its inventory, or you can kill an Alpha Wyvern and obtain 50 Wyvern Milk.

This is an extremely challenging process. You will be required to have powerful tames with plenty of hit points and the ability to attack fast-flying opponents.

You can take down the Wyvern using a Harpoon Launcher equipped with a Net Projectile. This will put her in a 1-minute stun lock on the ground, after which you can construct a cage to trap her once the net breaks. From this point on, you can knock her out using any method desirable.

Feed the baby Fire Wyvern the obtained Wyvern milk, who will also need extra care like cuddling or going on walks. Soon you will have tamed your very own Fire Wyvern.

Once you have multiple adult Wyverns of the same variant, you can breed them to get even more Wyvern Eggs.

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