Ark Scorched Earth Water Vein Locations

Water Vein is vital for a player’s survival in Ark Scorched Earth. It provides the player an option to drink water by simply pressing the E button on the console. You can increase the storage capacity of a Water Vein by building a Well on top of it.

Water Veins are found everywhere on the Ark Scorched Earth, most located in the valley. Read this guide to learn about all the different locations of Water Veins in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Water Vein Locations

There is a total of 46 Water Veins in the Ark Scorched Earth. Some of them are in the surrounding desert area of the map. The major Water Veins locations are in the Valley area between two mountain ranges. You can easily identify each Water Vein location by looking at Blue Dots from the map image below.

Ark Scorched Earth Water Vein Locations

Desert Locations

The desert in Ark Scorched Earth is filled with many water veins. For these, you can walk along the edge of the map, and you will find water veins as you go further. The first location coordinates are (72.0,82.2). This water vein is in the middle of the desert with no trees alongside it.

If you travel a little west from the last water vein location, you will find another similar type of water vein with no trees alongside it. The coordinates of this location are (72.0,78.0).


Southwest of the last water vein is another water vein located in the desert. This time it is located inside a little oasis with trees, rocks, and bushes alongside it. In the middle of the oasis, you will find the water vein with coordinates (83.2,71.7).

A similar oasis-type formation of water veins can be found if you go a little west in the desert. The coordinates of this location are (86.0,51.3). Another oasis water vein can be found west of the last one with coordinates (85.37.5).

For the next location of the water vein, you must travel north alongside the sea on the left. This water vein is also located inside the desert oasis. The coordinates of this location are (54.0,13.3). You can find ten more water veins in the desert alongside the sea. The locations of each water vein can be seen through blue dots in the map image above.

Valley Locations

The geography of Scorched Earth is divided into three types. Mountains, Valleys, and deserts surround all the mountains. Like springs in real life, the major number of Water Veins are located in the valley area of Ark Scorched Earth.

There are two major mountain ranges on the West and East side of the map. The valley area is in between that those two mountain ranges. If you travel from North to South, you discover all the locations of Water Vein.

The coordinates of the first Water Vein in the valley are (21.4,46.8). There are no trees and rocks surrounding this Water Vein. If you travel down South, you will find more water veins in coordinates (40.4,42.0).

There are a total of 23 Water veins in the Valley area. If you go further down South, there is a big cluster of 5 to 6 Water veins. The coordinates of the location are (62,50) and (70,59). The locations of each water vein can be seen through blue dots in the map image above.

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