Ark Scorched Earth Silk Locations

An armor made of desert fabric, a whip, and a tent can be made from Silk in Ark Scorched Earth. The Silk seeds are uncommon because they can only be discovered on this map; however, once you acquire them, you can bring them home to the island and grow them in a medium-sized agricultural plot to ensure consistent silk production for your camp.

This guide will tell you about Silk and how to farm it in Ark Scorched Earth. We will also tell you the exact farming locations and the most common ways of utilizing this resource in the game.

There are a couple of ways to farm Silk, which are:

  • Lymantria, a large, moth-like creature that resides close to streams where creatures get their water, may be farmed and killed to make Silk. You can tame, grow, and then establish Lymantria farms for a large production line rather than simply slaughtering them for Silk.
  • Growing the purple and white flowers that bloom throughout the desert is another way to farm Silk. For a higher yield, use a Metal Sickle. Therizinosaur is another option you have for this.

Ark Scorched Earth Silk Locations

Silk can be farmed at the following locations in Ark Scorched Earth:

Location #1

You can travel to the following coordinates if you want to farm some silk:

  • 4 LAT
  • 9 LON

Ark Scorched Earth Silk Locations

Location #2

Travel to the following coordinates if you want to farm some silk:

  • 1 LAT
  • 8 LON

Ark Scorched Earth Silk Locations

Now that you know where to easily farm Silk in the game, you can focus on other important thing such as finding Artifacts or going after some of the Dinos or bosses on this expansion map.

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