Ark Scorched Earth Morellatops Location and Taming

A detailed guide that helps players locate and tame the reptile-like beast called Morellatops in Ark Scorched Earth.

The Morellatops is an animal that’s not only exclusive to the Ark Scorched Earth expansion pack and may also be found on the maps for Ragnarok, Extinction, Crystal Isles, and Lost Island.

With their reptile-like exterior and distinctive humps on their rear ends that can hold a lot of water, these enormous beasts are easy to identify. In desert-like environments, Morellatops typically scavenge for fruit or tree sap in smaller units.

They are generally accustomed to human existence because of their somewhat symbiotic connection. When attacked, they can flee rapidly, making it difficult for players to pursue them because of the desert’s intense temperature.

If you are interested in taming a Morellatops of your own in Ark Scorched Earth and building a mobile base on its back, this guide will provide you with its location on the Scorched Earth map and explain how to tame the Morellatops.

Ark Scorched Earth Morellatops Location

Morellatops typically inhabit deserts and other environments lacking water, where most species cannot live.

The Spawn Map for Morellatops is given below:


Ark Scorched Earth Morellatops Location and Taming

How to Tame Morellatops

Generally, tribes avoid taming Morellatops in Ark Scorched Earth because they prefer to spend their efforts training bigger animals for war and defending their territory, but more seasoned tribes have found this animal valuable for surviving in the hostile desert environment.

Because Morellatops are not particularly swift species, it is rather simple to tame them with a Bow, Crossbow, or a Boomerang if you’re just beginning.

A Morellatops may be tamed most easily by separating it and then trapping it in a cage to confine it or by simply backing it up against a wall or corner to prevent it from fleeing.

Once you’ve got it in a cage, you must be able to get rid of it quite quickly. A level 31 opponent has to be struck with a slingshot 36 times, a tranquilizer arrow 10 times, or a tranquilizer dart four times to be defeated.

After it has been stunned, the most effective way to tame it is to feed it kibble made from vulture eggs. With the kibble, this taming will need roughly 12 minutes. Vegetables must be used if the kibble is unavailable.

Vegetables are not the best option as they will require an hour to thoroughly tame from start to end. In addition, it will require an additional 100 veggies and drugs, which could be a loss of some important early-game resources.

Following is the list of foods you can use to tame your Morellatops:

  • Berries
  • Simple Kibble
  • Mejoberry
  • Fresh Barley
  • Dried Wheat
  • Fresh Wheat
  • Soybean

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