Ark Scorched Earth Griffin Location and Taming

Griffin is another flying mount that you can find in Ark Scorched Earth. You can tame and ride this creature,...

Griffin is another flying mount that you can find in Ark Scorched Earth. You can tame and ride this creature, but it is not breedable. This guide will cover all the details on where to find Griffin and how to tame this creature in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Griffin Location

Griffins are found on top cliffs or among Ark Scorched Earth’s trees. It might be difficult for you to find Griffin in Ark Scorched Earth as most of the map is filled with cliffs.

Look for them on top of cliffs throughout the map, and you will find one flying. While getting close, ensure you are prepared to knock out it as its aggression radius is quite big. It will follow you for a long distance once you engage it.

How to Tame Earth Griffin

Griffin might be difficult for you to find in Scorched Earth but not that difficult to tame if you have any Alpha mount. Just make sure you have the required food to tame this beast.

You will need the following food to tame Griffin

  • Extraordinary Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat

Extraordinary Kibble is the best food that will help you tame Griffin quickly. A Griffin can be tamed in 18 to 19 minutes using this food.


Other foods work well, but the time taken to tame Griffin is more than Extraordinary Kibble. Once you have the required food, the strategy you will need to follow is pretty simple.

First, ensure you tame a high-level Griffin, as you cannot breed it and get better stats. After finding the Griffin, you want to tame; you must knock it out.

Knocking it out will be much easier if you use an Alpha tame with a high health pool and damage-dealing ability. It will be easier for an Alpha tame to knock out this beast in Ark Scorched Earth.

Once the beast is knocked out, you have to ensure other creatures won’t hurt it and it wouldn’t fly away. You can make a pen to protect this beast from flying away if it gets stable before getting tamed.

You must continuously feed Griffin with food like Extraordinary Kibble, Prime Meat, etc., to speed up the taming process. Once tamed, Griffin will be very useful.

You can use it as a carrier as it can pick up other small creatures. It will assist you in combats and taming other creatures in Ark Scorched Earth. Its speed is pretty good, so you can use it as a Wyvern Egg collector.

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