Ark Scorched Earth Dino Spawn Map

This comprehensive guide will cover all the Dino Spawn locations in the Ark Scorched Earth for your convenience.

In Ark Scorched Earth, you will find a lot of unique Dinos. These creatures will spawn throughout the map and can be helpful for you. This guide will cover all the Dino Spawn locations in the Ark Scorched Earth for your convenience.

Ark Scorched Earth All Dino Spawn Locations

Lightning Wyvern

It is an aggressive creature that you will find in the World Scar. Lightning Wyvern is a carnivore and can’t be tamed. However, you can still ride and breed it. To do so, you have to hatch its wild eggs.


Griffin is again an aggressive carnivore creature that you can find at the top of cliffs. Don’t face this beast if you are not fully prepared. It is pretty tricky to tame dino and not breedable as well. It has a body like a lion with two hind legs, a tail, and wings to fly.

Thorny Dragon

It is another creature you can not only tame but also breed and ride in Ark Scorched Earth. It is not that aggressive unless you enter its territory.

The best location to find this dino is the area around the 35.5 LAT and 45.0 LON. For taking out this beast, you should bring upgraded crossbows and longnecks.

Rock Elemental

Rock Elemental is a rock creature that feeds on minerals. It can is found throughout the map of the Scorched Earth. Rock Elemental is very protective of its territory and doesn’t like anyone entering it.


You can tame and breed this creature in Ark Scorched Earth, but you can’t ride it.


Morellatops is a cowardly creature that has a defensive temperament. The best spots to look for this creature are around the 35.2 LAT and 68.3 LON coordinates. It always helps its fellow animals, so avoid getting close to it when standing in a group.

This creature can serve all of your purposes. You can tame, ride and breed it in Ark Scorched Earth.

Alpha Lymantria

Alpha Lymantria is a desert moth with an evasive temperament. You can find the creature throughout the map, but some of the best spots are close to the 35 LAT. 70 LON coordinates. Be aware of its green mist, which can slow you down and drain your stamina.

Alpha Fire Wyvern

It is just like the Fire Wyvern but bigger and stronger. Alpha Fire Wyvern spawn is rare and appears only in the World Scar.

This creature can’t be tame, ride, or bred in Ark Scorched Earth. It has a red glow that will help you distinguish between it and other Fire Wyvern.


Mantis is added in the Scorched Earth DLC and is known to be an aggressive creature. It will attack you if you enter its range. The best spots where you can find Mantis is the area around 71 LAT and 72 LON.

Alpha Deathworm

Alpha Deathworm is a worm found on the outskirts of the Scorched Earth map. If you enter its territory, it will get aggressive and follow you for a long distance.

It would be best to look for this one at night as it glows, making it easier for you to spot it. You can only kill this creature to get help in taming Mantis. Other than that, it is neither rideable nor breedable.


The final creature that is the boss in Ark Scorched Earth is Manticore. It is again a hybrid creature with a body of a lion, sharp teeth, and wings. It has a scorpion tail with lethal and toxic venom.

You can get to this creature by opening a portal from any Obelisk. After that, you must enter the Manticore Arena behind the Ark. It is not a tameable creature. However, the server admin can force tame it.

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