Ark Scorched Earth Cactus Sap Locations

A detailed guide that explains what are the uses of Cactus Sap in Ark Scorched Earth and where can you find it on this expansive map.

Cactus Sap is an important survival resource in Ark Scorched Earth that is very easy to obtain around the map. Harvesting the Cactus Sap will hydrate your body, and consuming the Catus Sap will fulfill the hunger.

This makes Cactus Sap a perfect journey consumable for the desert biome, the Scorched Earth expansion. It is used to craft many items, including Adobe Structures. Read this guide to learn where to find Cactus Sap in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Cactus Sap Locations

To gather Cactus Sap, you don’t need to travel to any specific location. The scorched Earth map consists of mountains and plains. The plains mostly consist of the desert biome throughout the map.

The cacti are the main source of Cactus Sap on the map. The desert in Scorched Earth is abundant with Cacti. You can harvest the Cacti with different tools according to their sizes.

The smaller ones are easily harvested with a Hand or a Whip. For harvesting bigger Cacti, you will have three tool options: Pick, Hatchet, and Chainsaw. The most efficient tool among those is Chainsaw.

Below is the picture of the map, and all the green dots show where you can find Cacti in Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Cactus Sap Locations

Among many uses of Cactus Sap, one of the uses is fulfilling the thirst. This will prove very beneficial for survival because the terrain of Scorched Earth is mostly desert, and finding water is very difficult there.

Eating the collected Cactus Sap will only fulfill your hunger. The process of harvesting the sap will instead fulfill the thirst. Aside from that, Cactus sap is used to make Clay which is in turn used to make Adobe Structures in Scorched Earth.

The only drawback of this Cactus Sap is the short expiry time of 10 min. To increase the expiry time, you can use a Preserving Bin or Refrigerator, which will enhance the life of Cactus Sap up to 16 hours and 40 minutes. You can also craft the following items from the Cactus Sap.

  • Cactus Broth
  • Clay
  • Propellant
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