Ark Scorched Earth Alpha Lymantria Location and Taming

Alpha Lymantria is the Desert Moth in the Ark Scorched Earth. This moth is pretty easy to find and tame. This guide will cover all the details about Lymantria’s location and how you can tame it in Ark Scorched Earth.

Ark Scorched Earth Alpha Lymantria Location

Alpha Lymantria can be found in all areas of the Ark Scorched Earth, but some of the best locations where you can find them more often are shown on the map image below.

Ark Scorched Earth Alpha Lymantria Location and Taming

If you are planning to tame this desert moth, we will recommend you bring in a tent with you. The tent will make the taming process a lot quicker and easier.

How to Tame Alpha Lymantria

To tame Alpha Lymantria in Ark Scorched Earth, you must bring the following food.

  • Regular Kibble
  • Crops
  • Mejoberry
  • Berries

Once you are prepared and have the required items, we can start the taming process. We will need a tent because Lymantria will fly away if we get close. The tent will prevent Lymantria from flying away.

After that, all you have to do is find the Alpha Lymantria, which is not a difficult task, and trap it inside the tent.

Trapping inside the tent can be a little tricky, but you can use the tranquilizer to slow it down and then use the tent. Once inside the tent, Lymantria wouldn’t be able to fly away.

Your job will now be protecting it from other creatures and feeding it the food it loves. But before that, you will need to tranquilize it using the darts. Once it is under your control Regular Kibble and Berries are good enough to tame it.

Once tamed, you can use it as a mount, but it wouldn’t be able to pick other creatures. It will serve your transport purposes. Lymantria being a moth, can be used as a bomber, and you can use it to drop spores on enemies. It will help you in slowing down the enemies’ movement.

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