Ark Ragnarok Lava Elemental Location and Taming Guide

We have put together a detailed guide that highlights the location and how to tame Lava Elemental in the Ark Ragnarok.

Lava Elemental is the main boss in the Ark Ragnarok that can be found inside the Lava Elemental Arena. It is like Rock Elemental which spawns in the Scorched Earth expansion. The only difference is that Lava Elemental is twice the size and the rocks on the back are made of metal instead of stone.

Lava Elemental can throw lava rocks at the players and taming it is quite difficult therefore we have put together a guide highlighting its location and How to tame it in Ark Ragnarok.

Ark Ragnarok Lava Elemental Location

Lava Elemental can be found in the Lava Elemental Arena which is in the Oluf Jungle on the Ragnarok map. Once you are in the area, you must travel to (18,27) where there is a cave named Jungle Dungeon. The entrance of the cave is covered by a lot of vines therefore some people might miss it.

There is a small, concealed path at the end of the cave that is covered with crystals, and you can access it by removing the crystals one by one. You will reach the Lava Elemental Arena upon traveling to the end of the path.

Once you are inside the Lava Elemental Arena, a timer will start that gives you an option to get out of the arena if you are not ready for the fight. Once the timers finish, there are only two ways to get out of the arena which is by either defeating the Lava Elemental or when you are dead.

The location of the Lava Elemental Arena is marked by the red circle in the map image below:


Ark Ragnarok Lava Elemental

How to Tame a Lava Elemental

You must defeat Lava Elemental first to tame it. The direction of the Lava Elemental Arena is given above. Once you are inside the arena, you must travel right to the little platform with the white crystals on top.

The white crystals will act as a shield when the Lava Elemental shoots molten rock at you. And the high altitude of the platform will give you a strategic advantage when you are shooting the Lava Elemental.

Unlike other DLC of the Ark Survival, the lava in the Lava Elemental Arena is deadly if you get yourself dropped in and you as well as your Dino will take damage. You will need Grappling Hook to jump between the ledges and avoid the lava.

If you want to stay in the air for any reason, you will need a parachute. Now we can talk about the attacking strategy. The best Dino to attack the Lava Elemental is Velonasaur and you must bring it inside the Lava Elemental Arena in a Cryopod.

You can attack Lava Elemental with Rocket Launcher and Tek Rifle as these weapons will do maximum damage to him. The weakest area of the Lava Elemental is his arm, and you must aim for it to have maximum damage.

The best defense strategy for Lava Elemental attacks is to first stay behind the white crystals. Most of his attacks will not reach the back of the crystal platform and the rest of the attacks are defended with Tek Shield.

If you are down there with Lava Elemental, you can get between his legs, and you will not get with any attack in this location. Once Lava Elemental is defeated, you can easily tame him


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