Ark Ragnarok Cactus Sap Locations

This guide will help you figure out the best places to find and farm cactus sap in Ark Ragnarok and mentions the things you can craft with it.

Cactus Sap is a consumable item that you can harvest from cacti in Ark Ragnarok. To get this item, you will need to find cacti, and in this guide, we will take you through all the locations where you can find cacti and harvest cactus sap from them in Ark Ragnarok.

Ark Ragnarok Cactus Sap Locations

Before we tell you about the locations where you can harvest cactus sap, you will need to know how to harvest it. If you are harvesting a small cactus, you can use your hands or a Whip.

But when it comes to harvesting Cactus Sap from a giant cactus, you should use a tool like Chainsaw. Other tools like Hatchet and Pick also work fine, but Chainsaw is what we recommend.

Once you start harvesting Cactus Sap, you should use an Equus, as it will reduce the weight of cactus Sap in its inventory by 80%. This way, you can collect a lot of Cactus Sap from the locations we will show you and craft the following items.

  • Cactus Broth
  • Clay
  • Propellant

Let’s start with the best locations to harvest Cactus Sap in Ark Ragnarok.

Ark Ragnarok Cactus Sap Locations


Location #1

The following coordinates will take you to the first location to harvest Cactus Sap.

  • 3 LAT
  • 7 LON

Once you get to the coordinates above, you will find some cacti scattered throughout the area. These are small cacti; you can harvest them with your hands to get the Cactus Sap.

Location #2

Head to the coordinates mentioned below to find the second Cactus Sap location.

  • 7 LAT
  • 3 LON

These coordinates will take you right to the bottom of the big waterfall. Here you can find some cactus plants at the top of rocks and some at the lake’s edge. You can gather a good amount of cactus sap from here.

Location #3

The third location to find cactus sap in Ark Ragnarok is at the following coordinates.

  • 3 LAT
  • 9 LON

In the bottom left corner of the map, you can find a lot of cacti plants on the top of cliffs. You will find them inside little grass there as well. Just move around the area, especially close to the greenery, and you will harvest a good quantity of Cactus Sap.

Location #4

The coordinates mentioned below will take you to the fourth Cactus Sap location.

  • 2 LAT
  • 2 LON

In the desert area close to the water you will find some giant cacti. You can use Chainsaw to harvest a lot of Cactus Sap. The whole area around the coordinates is filled with big Cacti.

Location #5

Head to the coordinates mentioned below to find the fifth Cactus Sap location.

  • 1 LAT
  • 6 LON

It is again a location where you can find some dry lands and water; between them, you will discover Cacti plants. You can use a Pick or hand to harvest the Cactus Sap.

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