Ark Lost Island Sinomacrops Location and Taming

This guide will help players reach the best location where they can find the Sinomacrops in Ark Lost Island.

Sinomacrops is the newest pet shoulder in Ark lost island. It contains a variety of skills that the survivor of Ark Lost Island can employ to their advantage. In Ark Lost Island, one of the best places to find a lot of Sinomacrops in a limited space is near the spawn point.

Sinomacrops are a passive team member who resembles jetpack. They can glide, fly, and you can even equip a parachute. Additionally, it has the power to frighten away several smaller dinos, including the perpetually bothersome Pegomastax and Ichthyornis.

Players of Ark Lost Island will need to find Sinomacrops and tame them if they want their assistance throughout the game-play. This guide will help players reach the best location where they can find the Sinomacrops in Ark Lost Island; moreover, this will also provide players with a better understanding of how to tame them.

Ark Lost Island Sinomacrops Location

There are many Sinomacrops throughout the jungle biome on Ark Lost Island’s map, which is not hard to discover. Due to their swift flight and vivid colors, they can be clearly distinguished from Dimorphodons. However, the best location in the jungle where you” ll find so many Sinomacrops flying is at the following coordinates :

LAT: 65

LON: 53


After reaching this location, you” ll see two bridges, one underneath the other. Head towards the waterfall, and you” ll find a lot of Sinomacrops. It’s always recommended to spend a day or night and not to rush.

The dark green area and the spawn are where Sinomacrops are found when the heat map is loaded; however, once you arrive at the location, you’ll see them all.

How to Tame Sinomacrops

Taming Sinamocrops on Ark Lost Island is more difficult than it appears. When you locate a Sinamocrop in the area where they are most likely to be found, heart icons will appear from it, indicating how happy it is to see you.

Then it would slowly approach you and ask you to give it food. Sinamocrops’ favorite food is chitins; if they aren’t adequately tamed as infants or young adults, they won’t consume them. As a result, you must feed it chitin, which you place on the zero of your hot bar. Press e as soon as you have some range to feed it. This will make him happy and cause it to begin to tame before taking off.

They move so swiftly, and there are so many things in their path that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. To do this, go to your tame list, click on it, and it will display a location symbol so you can easily monitor it. Then you must wait till the Sinomacrops come to you for food when they are hungry.

Everything seems simple, but this is not the story’s conclusion. Sinamocrops need to be tamed with a lot of skill. It will become irritated and fly away if you try to catch the Sinomacrops by chasing after them. Your attempts to tame it will therefore be ineffective.

Recommended Equipment

One of the best pieces of equipment that players should carry around when taming dinosaurs like Sinamocrops is a crossbow. The jungle is filled with cliffs and large rocks, so you’ll need them to overcome these barriers.

Give a tame enough room to be by itself, and depending on how close you are to it, you should be able to feed it sometimes until you reach 50%. The heart icons will reappear to indicate that it needs to eat, and after it has, it will fly once again. Therefore, even though Sinamocrops cannot fly and are ensnared on a cliff, you must wait till the heart icon appears.

There are many considerations to be made in taming the Sinamocrops. Avoid sprinting and jumping as much as possible to avoid frightening the beast. Wearing Ghillie Armor will make it difficult for Sinomocrops to locate you in the jungle; hence it is strongly advised against doing so.

While it is true that Sinamocrops are not aggressive, Chittin is one of their favorite foods; thus, avoid provoking them by wearing any Chitin Armor because they will become very hostile if provoked.

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