Ark Genesis: Part 2 Oil, Silica and Black Pearl Locations

Gather Oil, Silica, and Black Pearls for Crafting.

Oil, Silica, and Black Pearls are essential resources in Ark Genesis: Part 2. You can use Oil in the crafting of essential industrial items and explosives. Silica Pearls helps in the crafting of saddles, armor, and electronics. Similarly, you can use Black Pearls to craft items such as Tek equipment drills, saddles, etc.

The following guide highlights the locations of Oil, Silica, and Black Pearls in Ark Genesis Part 2 to make it easier for you to find and farm these resources. For Ark Lost Isles Oil, Silica, and Black Pearl, we have a separate guide, which you can also check.

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Ark Genesis: Part 2 Oil locations

The following map highlights the best locations/areas to find oil veins.

Location #1

Space Biome is one of the best locations to get oil in Ark Genesis. The red circle on the map above highlights this area. Oil nodes can be extracted from rocks in this area. Using a tame such as an Ankylosaurus can help extract oil efficiently.

Location #2

Rockwell’s Garden is an ideal location to extract oil. A green circle highlights this location. You can find a lot of Oil veins here. Just install Pumps on them to extract the oil.

Location #3

  • 60.3 LAT
  • 33.7 LON

This location is in the Skyreach Cliff region of the map. The yellow circle represents this area. This is a green area with a mountainous topography. Oil and other exquisite resources can be found in abundance here.

Silica Pearl locations in Ark Genesis: Part 2

The following map highlights the areas that have an abundance of Silica in Ark Genesis:

Location #1

Silica pearls can be found in the Corrupted Gardens region of Ark Genesis. The green circle on the map represents this location. This biome is full of dangerous predators. However, the dangers are worth the trouble as the player will find plenty of silica and other valuable resources in this region.

Location #2

  • 82 LAT
  • 61 LON

These coordinates mark the location of Tranquil Gorge. This region of the map has a waterfall and is abundant in Silica pearls.

Location #3

  • 25 LAT
  • 72 LON

These coordinates mark the location of the Edgeriver Mountains. This region of the map has lots of Silica Pearls.

Black Pearl locations

The following map highlights the Black Pearls rich areas in Ark Genesis: Part 2:

Location #1

Black Pearls can be found in the space biome. The red circle highlights this location. The light blue pearls on the pearl asteroids are good sources for these pearls.

Location #2

The Corrupted Gardens region of the map is an excellent location to get Black Pearls. The green circle shows this location. The pearls can be obtained from the dead Carniflora, a predator plant in this location.

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