Ark Genesis: Part 2 Ambergris Locations

Ambergris is a waxy resource in Ark Genesis Part 2 and has a lot of uses. The uses of Ambergris include ammunition to charge Astrocetus’s bomb attack, food for the baby Magmasaur, etc. This resource can be stored in Feeding Troughs, Refrigerators, and Tek Troughs.

Ambergris can be preserved lifetime using preserving salts and can easily be brought back to the baby Magmasaur. Using a tame such as an Ankylosaurus can help to collect Ambergris effectively.

The following guide highlights the locations of Ambergris in Ark Genesis Part 2 to make it easier for you to find.

Ark Genesis: part 2 Ambergris locations

The following map highlights the location of Ambergris in Ark Genesis: Part 2:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Ambergris Locations

Ambergris is located in the Space biome region of the map consisting of large asteroids. The player will find lots of rocks in this area from which the resource can be extracted. The rocks have an orange color and using a pick-axe can make Ambergris collecting extremely efficient. Mining drills are a good option as well.

The space biome is a huge region. On foot, the process of collecting Ambergris can be slow. Use a tame such as an Ankylosaurus to efficiently collect the resource. After gathering the resource preserve it using the preserving salts and then it can be easily brought back and fed to baby Magmasaur.

Remember, the space biome changes from 12:30 – 1:30 therefore the resources will change automatically. Resources found today might not be available tomorrow. Apart from Ambergris, many other essential resources can be found at this location.

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