ARK Genesis Metal Locations Guide

If you are on the search for metal to build your base and new equipment, our guide will help you find the best locations in ARK Genesis

Throughout your playthrough of the Ark Genesis DLC, you will find a bunch of useful resources. This includes metal ores that can prove to be quite helpful. They are hidden throughout the map so we’ve prepared this handy guide that lists the exact coordinates of  Metal ores in the different biomes of Ark Genesis.

ARK Genesis metal locations

Below are some of the best coordinates, given by the latitude and longitude, where you can go to farm metal in ARK Genesis in each biome.

You might run into more nodes in other areas as well but these are the best spots we have found with an abundance of metal and other resources to harvest in ARK Genesis.

Bog Biome

  • 54 Lat, 72 long. This is right where you spawn in the area. The metals are around a tree in this swampy area.
  • 68 Lat, 78 Long. This collection of metals is around another big tree and has a big light flower shining on it.
  • 67 Lat, 75 Long. The metal is underneath the huge tree.
  • 76 Lat, 73 Long. The metal pile is between two medium-sized trees in the lake.
  • 80 Lat, 70 Long. The pile is in the trunk of the biggest tree in the area. It’s covered in sap.
  • 83 Lat, 83 Long. Inside the cavern beneath a huge tree.
  • Lat, 68 Long. The metal is around the tree.

ARK Genesis Metal Locations

Arctic Biome

  • 72 Lat, 36 Long. It’s along the snowy path
  • 75 Lat, 31 Long. We’ve got another couple of rich nodes higher up along the mountain.
  • 70 Lat, 31 Long. You will find another pile on the path near the top of the mountain.
  • 70 Lat, 36 Long. This is almost at the top, at the center of the mountain.
  • 70 Lat, 32 Long. This is at the very top of the mountain. There is a mini-game in this area.
  • 82 Lat, 18 Long. It’s in the middle of two valleys where the path diverges in a fork.
  • 86 Lat, 26 Long. This is not far away from the previous one.
  • 75 Lat, 12 Long. This collection of nodes is marked by the giant white metal structure that is slightly slanting.

ARK Genesis Metal Locations

Ocean Biome

  • 23 Lat, 45 Long. The metal pile is on top of one of the biggest terrain pillar next to the underwater cube in the center of the map.
  • 28 Lat, 47 Long. This is on the terrain that is directly next to the previous one. It carries more metal than the last one too.
  • 32 Lat, 46 Long. This pile is on the terrain next to that previous one and it has even more metal.
  • 34 Lat, 44 Long. On top of a terrain.
  • 36 Lat, 44 Long. On top of another landmass.
  • 41 Lat, 44 Long. This pile is on the mountain that has a slightly downward pointing edge. It is rich in nodes throughout.
  • 40 Lat, 46 Long. This is underwater, inside a deep cavern.
  • 24 Lat, 54 Long. There is another pile lying here.

Lunar Biome

  • 19 Lat, 28 Long.
  • 22 Lat, 13 Long.
  • 51 Lat, 38 Long. This contains the most metal in the area.
  • 53 Lat, 35 Long.
  • 46 Lats, 23 Long.
  • 48 Lat, 14 Long.
  • 33 Lat, 26 Long. This is in the center of the area.
  • 27 Lat, 21 Long. This is in the lower area with the mountains.

Magma Biome

  • 14 Lat, 80 Long. There are a couple of Nodes all the way North.
  • 16 Lat, 87 Long. There are a bunch of small nodes here at the edge of the wolrld.
  • 17 Lat, 88 Long. This metal trail goes on for quite some distance, passing over sveral paths and cliffs.
  • 30 Lat, 85 Long. This is quite a rich stack and you can even find some Obsidian in here.
  • 38 Lat, 85 Long. It’s directly in front of the Volcano and by the cave that contains eggs.
  • 48 Lat, 75 Long. You’ve got a bunch of metal nodes at the edge of the world facing South. This is a dangerous area filled with Rexes and magma so be careful.
  • 20 Lat, 72 Long. This is right next to a glitch.

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