ARK Genesis Hexagon Farming Guide

Ark Genesis is the new DLC in Ark Survival Evolved, and it comes with plenty of content that varies from items, creatures, missions, and new areas. Hexagons are also something new that has made their inclusion into the game. In this ARK Genesis Hexagon Farming guide, we will show you all the ways you can start getting Hexagon in the game.

Hexagons are the new in-game currency introduced in the Ark Genesis DLC which can be used to purchase items and resources.

ARK Genesis Hexagon Farming

There are a couple of ways you can start farming Hexagons. The first is by completing missions and obtaining them as rewards that you can collect.

To start the missions, go to the inventory and select the last tab on the top which will be the Missions tab. Here, you will find several nearby missions that you can complete to earn Hexagons as a reward.

Missions that do show up in the tab will show you the ones accessible in the biome that you are in. To find other missions, you might have to go to a different biome/location.

Once you choose a mission, you can track it and then go to its location to begin the mission. You can increase the number of Hexagons depending on the difficulty you play each mission.

The missions come in three different difficulties, which are Gamma, Beta, and Alpha, where Alpha will give you the greatest number of Hexagons.

You can also earn hexagons through glitches. Glitches are random spawns and can be randomly found in the open world of the game, where they are indicated by the purple beam of light. When you find the Glitch, all you have to do is close it to get the rewards.

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