ARK Genesis Hexagon Farming Guide

This guide will show you to farm Hexagons in ARK Genesis Part 1 DLC, the newly introduced currency you can use to acquire new stuff

Hexagon is a new in-game currency you can use to buy different resources and items in Ark Genesis. You will get this currency as a reward for completing various activities like missions, Fishing, and closing glitches. This guide will cover all the details you need to know for farming Hexagons in Ark Genesis.

ARK Genesis hexagon farming

You can farm Hexagons in different ways, which are mentioned below.

Completing missions

The first is completing missions and obtaining them as rewards. To start the missions, go to the inventory and select the last tab on the top, which will be the Missions tab. Here, you will find nearby missions you can finish to get Hexagons.

You might have to go to a different biome/location to find other missions.

Once you choose a mission, you can track it and then go to its location to begin the mission. You can increase the number of Hexagons depending on the difficulty you play each task.

The missions come in three difficulties: Gamma, Beta, and Alpha, where Alpha will give you the most significant number of Hexagons.

You will find seven types of missions in Ark Genesis, which are listed below.

  • Melee
  • Escort
  • Brute
  • Race
  • Hot&Cold

The missions that can reward you with the most Hexagons include Brute, Melee, and Escort. The Escort missions are the best since your Dinos also get resources and XP for taking out enemies. These missions can help you get somewhere between 1900-2300 Hexagons.

Closing glitches

You can also earn hexagons through glitches. Glitches are random spawns and can be randomly found in the game’s open world, where the purple beam of light indicates them.

Event and fishing

Event and Fishing is a type of mission you can complete in Ark Genesis. We have mentioned it separately because you can quickly finish it even if you are a newbie. You can make around 100-200 Hexagons on a higher difficulty level from activities like Fishing.

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