ARK Genesis Genesis Chronicles Locations Guide

Explorer Notes are collectible items scattered across the Ark Survival Evolved map. Prior to the launch of Genesis Part 1 dlc, developers released these explorer notes i.e. Genesis Chronicles which players can collect for rewards. This guide will give you info about all the ARK Genesis Genesis Chronicles Locations.

These Genesis Chronicles can be in the form of Dino Dossier or a piece of narrative from actual survivors intended to tell the story behind the Ark.

ARK Genesis Genesis Chronicles Locations

Explorer Notes or Genesis Chronicles can be found on The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction. Collecting an Explorer Note gives you a 100 XP and 2x XP collection for the next 10 minutes.

The double XP effect also extends to the creature that you are riding when you collect the note, giving a double effect both for you and your creature.

Whenever a note has been discovered, HLN-A will radiate with a pulse of light and start to talk. Listed below are all the HLN-A discoveries sorted in the respective biomes they are found in along with their coordinates.

Genesis Chronicles I

The Island

Discovery #1 – 68.7°, 85.9°
Found in the Lava Cave

Discovery #2 – 70.4°, 59.3°
Found in the Upper South Cave

Discovery #3 – 27.9°, 27.6°
Found in the Snow Cave

Scorched Earth

Discovery #4 – 56.5°, 44.7°
Found in the Old Tunnels

Discovery #5 – 76.7°, 79.6°
Found in the Ruins of Nosti

Genesis Chronicles II

Discovery #6 – 40.3°, 47.8°
Found in the Northern Canyons

Discovery #7 – 57.0°, 56.2°
Found in the Southern East Badlands


Discovery #8 – 37.1°, 60.3°
Found in the Luminous Marshlands

Discovery #9 – 68.0°, 66.0°
Found in The Spine

Discovery #10 – 27.8°, 46.7°
Found in the Mushroom Forest

Genesis Chronicles III

Discovery #11 – 28.1°, 76.2°
Found in The Surface – Northeast


Discovery #12 – 27.8°, 16.0°
Found in the Wasteland

Discovery #13 – 13.3°, 57.5°
Found in the Forbidden Zone

Discovery #14 – 53.4°, 76.5°
Found in The Trench

Discovery #15 – 84.8°, 16.1°
Found in The Sweeping Spires

Unique Skins

The Chronicles Unique Skins are unlockable by obtaining every single Explorer Notes from a Genesis Chronicle. You can only get the skin if you have the Genesis Season Pass.

Below are Chronicles Unique Skins for all the body parts.

Corrupted Avatar Helmet Skin
Genesis Chronicles I – Unlocked by collected Discovery #1-5

Corrupted Avatar Boots/Pants Skin
Genesis Chronicles II -Unlocked by collected Discovery #6-10

Corrupted Avatar Gloves/Shirt Skin
Genesis Chronicles III – Unlocked by collected Discovery #11-15

Note: The skins once unlocked, will respawn in your inventory every time you spawn after dying.

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