ARK Genesis Final Boss Fight Guide

Deal with the evil Controller in this guide to the final boss fight of ARK Genesis Part 1 as part of our guide for the new DLC

In ARK Genesis, you are woken up in a world with virtual simulation, and you will be building yourself towards escaping this very simulation. As you reach the end, you will face off against one dreadful controller running the entire simulation. The fight is as tough as nails, even on the easier difficulties, so be ready with the help of our ARK Genesis Final Boss Fight guide.

ARK Genesis Final Boss Fight

Prior to your showdown with the big bad purple, you will have to Activate Protocol by interacting with HLN-A and click on either one of the options. Gamma being the easiest, Beta being harder and Alpha being the hardest. Make sure you have completed all objectives so as to unlock the final boss fight.

When the boss fight starts, you will be greeted by the boss himself, telling you the usual; your attempts are futile and what-not (They won’t be futile). Once you have had your meet-and-greet with the boss, the different stages of the fight will commence.

Throughout the boss fight, you will face a large number of mobs (Corrupted Avatars), and the number can get quite overwhelming eventually. Make sure you brought in your best AoE weapons, preferably Tek weapons to deal with the horde of dinosaurs. Your mobility around the battlefield is going to count for a lot, slowing down is simply not an option, unless you want to be consumed by the dinosaurs behind you.

Stage 1
The first stage tasks you with 2 simple objectives,

  • Kill Corrupted Avatars to Get Code-Keys
  • Deposit Code-Keys (80)

The first phase of the boss is going to pit you against a fairly large amount of Corrupted Avatars and task you to gather Code-Keys by killing these enemies. Code-Keys are dropped by enemies, pick them up by simply walking over them and depositing them. After depositing 80, the first phase of the boss fight will end.

Stage 2 and Stage 3
The second stage tasks you with a similar task as before.

  • Kill Corrupted Avatar to Get Code-Keys
  • Deposit Code-Keys (80)

It’s mostly the same stuff, a bunch of mobs will charge at you, so brace yourself. Wipe them out and deposit all the Code-Keys to move onto the third stage.

Stage 4 – The Final Test
In the Final Stage, you can finally deal damage to the boss by making him vulnerable via depositing Code-Keys. The same rule applies here, kill the mobs to get the Code-Keys and deposit them into the terminal.

  • Kill Corrupted Avatars to Get Code-Keys
  • Deposit Code-Keys (40)

Each deposit of 40 Code-Keys will make the boss immune to damage for a specific period of time. During this phase, deal as much damage as you can to the boss. It is recommended that prior to depositing all the Code-Keys, you clear as many mobs as you can, allowing you to deal damage freely to the boss without too many hiccups.

After finally chopping away at the Boss’ health, you will be transported out of the simulation and rewarded an Implant as well as 15 extra levels. Congratulations, you just finished the Genesis expansion.

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