Ark Fjordur Red, Blue, and Green Gems Locations

Gems in Ark Survival Evolved are high-tier resources needed to craft items like glowsticks, tek weapons and hazard armor. Since they are rare items in real as well you might be struggling with Ark Fjordur Red, Blue, and Green Gems Locations. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this guide, we are going to reveal the best farming locations for red, blue and green gems in the newly released Ark Fjordur expansion.

Ark Fjordur Green Gem Locations

The location of green gems in Ark Fjordur is fairly simple. Just head to coordinates 40.3 latitude and 31.7 longitude. There will be a huge ocean.

Just dive right into the water and you will find a sealed cave. Make sure to bring oxygen cylinders with you to be able to navigate this area with ease. Beware that there are many creatures that might attack you.

Inside that cave, you will find lots of green gems. Harvest them with your pickaxe to add to your inventory and leave the place.

Ark Fjordur Red and Blue Gem Locations

You are going to find Red and Blue gems in the same places. They are found in a single cave that is called Aberration cave. The coordinates of this cave are 57 latitude and 85 longitude.

Head inside the cave but remember, there will be enemies! Inside that cave, you will find blue gems first. Roam around the cave; go a little further, and you will find red gems too.

There is another cave located at 86.6 latitude and 97.7 longitude, known as Lunar Cave. This cave contains red and blue gems. Go inside the cave and you will be able to find blue as well as red gems in the same cave.

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