Ark Fjordur Giga Spawn Locations and Taming

In this guide, we'll take a look into where you can find Giga and how you can tame it in Ark Fjordur.

Capturing different creatures around the world of Ark Fjordur becomes almost essential as each of these creatures has its own purpose and can be beneficial for progression in the game. Giganotosaurus is one of the many dinosaurs found in Ark Fjordur and is known to be the most powerful therapod. In this guide, we’ll take a look into where you can find Giga and how you can tame it in Ark Fjordur.

Ark Fjordur Giga Spawn Locations

The Giganotosaurus is a Giant Southern lizard that possesses a very angry temperament. It is massive in size and does not spare its victims. They are hard to fight and if you’re chased by one, consider yourself six feet into the grave!

This species has been in Ark Survival Evolved since the base game and is one of the returning creatures on the Ark Fjordur map.

Although Giga can be found all over the new Fjordur map, there are some places where you have a high chance of encountering it. Following are some coordinates where Giganotosaurus spawns the most in Ark Fjordur.

  • 80.3° Latitude, 81.6° Longitude
  • 45.3° Latitude, 93.4° Longitude
  • 47.6° Latitude, 93.3° Longitude
  • 22.0° Latitude, 67.0° Longitude

The above spots have the highest chances of finding a Giganotosaurus.

How to Tame Giga

You will need the following items to tame the Giganotosaurus in Ark Fjordur.

Taming Food

  • Exceptional Kibble
  • Raw Mutton
  • Cooked Lamb Chop
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Cooked Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Raw Meat
  • Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Cooked Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat
  • Cooked Fish Meat


  • While encountering a Giga, we recommend you use Auto Turrets, Mini-gun, and Rocket turrets.

The best meal you can cook to feed the Giganotosaurus and establish a trust relationship for taming purposes will be the Exceptional Kibble. To make this, you will need the following items.

  • 1 × Extra Large Egg
  • 5 × Fiber
  • 1 × Focal Chili
  • 10 × Mejoberry
  • 1 × Rare Flower
  • 1 × Water

For raw meats, you’ll have to embark on the journey of killing or finding dead animals that will provide you with the required meat. At the same time, several of cooked meats can be acquired by evolving raw meat and cooking it on a campfire or an industrial grill.

To capture a Giga dino, you’ll first have to make a trap. The trap suitable for capturing this giant creature requires the following equipment.

  • 4 x Metal Dinosaur Gateway
  • 1 x Large Bear Trap

You’ll make a simple trap that can capture this large creature. Build a room out of the Metal Dinosaur Gateway, leaving a little gap between each with no doors. And then put a Large Bear Trap at its center.

Now target the Giga you want and then hit it with the weapon of your choice. It should be chasing you, so pass through the trap, and Giga should get stuck between because of the Large Bear Trap. As it’s struggling to get out, add another Metal Dinosaur Gateway to enclose the creature from all sides, and you have captured a massive Giga!

As you would do with all dinos, knock it out with Tranq darts or arrows and then use Soothing Balm to heal it. From here onwards, start feeding it the meals it likes and increase the Taming Meter by time to make it all yours.

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