Ark Fjordur Fungal Wood Locations

Fungal Wood is a valuable resource in Ark: Survival Evolved. Newcomers especially should be ready to harvest a ton of Fungal Wood because of its uses in several crafting recipes.

You need Fungal Wood to craft saddles for starters. You also need the item to build structures, as well as to craft a Stone Pick and a Stone Hatchet for hunting and collection.

In Ark Fjordur, you can expect to find Fungal Wood once again and the following guide will mark all of the locations so that you don’t have to waste time traveling all over the new map.

Ark Fjordur Fungal Wood Locations

Fungal Wood often grows underwater and is found in abundance there. That, however, is the only place where you can find Fungal Wood.

There are plenty of reserves of Fungal Wood that are on the ground as well. You don’t have to only scour underwater areas.

Ark Fjordur Fungal Wood Map

Fungal Wood Farming Location #1

Region: Vannaland
Coordinates: 66.7 LAT and 79.7 LON
The location is on the lower right-hand side of the map. It is just off the coastline.

All you need to do here is to dive underwater and you’ll see gigantic plants. There are actually huge sources of Fungal Wood. You can find a lot of Fungal Wood there. Hit the plants with a hatchet and you’ll get Fungal Wood.

Fungal Wood Farming Location #2

Region: Asgard
Coordinates: 33.5 LAT and 45.3 LON
After teleporting to the Asgard, turn left from the teleportation portal. Get into the first purple forest and at the given coordinate, you’ll see huge balls held by roots. Hit them with a hatchet and then harvest them for Fungal Wood.

Fungal Wood Farming Location #3

Region: Valguero
Coordinates: 38.9 LAT and 57.6 LON
You’ll find some Fungal Wood in the passageway of the underground cave there. This marks the last location of Fungal Wood in our guide.

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