Ark Fjordur Ferox Location and Taming

In this guide, we will show you the location where you can find Ferox on the Ark Fjordur map and how to tame it.

The ability to capture, tame, and ride the majestic beasts of the vast world is one of the biggest selling points of Ark Survival Evolved. One such ferocious and rare creature is the Ferox, a yeti-looking ice fox. In this guide, we will show you the location where you can find Ferox on the Ark Fjordur map and how to tame it.

Ark Fjordur Ferox Location

Unfortunately, it seems like Ferox only has one spawn location on the entire Fjordur map. To find the Ferox, you need to head north at the following coordinates:

  • 21.8° Latitude
  • 08.5 ° Longitude

Here, you can spot an ice mountain with a huge slanting rock on top of it. Just underneath this rock formation is the entrance to Ferox Cave, where you will be able to find and tame feroxes for yourself.

The Ferox Cave is the only spot where Ferox can be found, but fortunately, you can find plenty of them so you don’t really have to worry about having to make multiple runs to get one.

First off, remember that Dire Wolves and Polar Bears also spawn in Ferox Cave, so make sure you have something to fight back when you are going in. There aren’t too many of them so you don’t have to worry about getting ambushed.

You will be easily able to distinguish Ferox thanks to their cute appearances and fox-like mouth while running around the cave. However, when you get close to them, these small and cute creatures turn into giant behemoths smashing around the cave to get you.

How to Tame Ferox

Before you head into the Ferox cave, get some Element. You need this Element to train Ferox.

As soon as you spot a Ferox, it will come to your feet and start sniffing you. What you need to do is give it an Element. Upon taking it, the thankless beast will transform and attack you, or the person who gave it the Element.

Get away and let the beast cool down back into the small size. Repeat this process to successfully train the Ferox and make it yours.

Try to not tame your Ferox in small and tight areas. If your Ferox transforms into the beast in a small space, it might phase through the walls or the floor and you will lose it. In case it gets stuck in the small pond in the cave, we recommend that you get it out using a Grappling Hook.

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