Ark Fjordur Dung Beetle Locations

Dung Beetles are passive creatures that are normally found roaming in deep caves, around volcanic areas, or in areas with scorching sands.

They are innocuous creatures that serve an important role in the ecology of Ark: Survival Evolved and just like in previous maps, Dung Beetles will be found feasting on bat guano in underground caverns in Ark Fjordur.

Dung Beetles are tameable and can convert feces placed in their inventory into Fertilizer and Oil. If you are looking to farm them, for those resources, read on.

Dung Beetle Location #1

Head to the far eastern border of the Redwood Forest to find a cave entrance at coordinates 25.1 LAT and 93.1 LON. There will be at least three or four Dung Beetles inside.

Dung Beetle Location #2

Just a little west of the same location will be a roaming Dung Bettle at coordinates 25.6 LAT and 82.1 LON.

Dung Beetle Location #3

A little north of where you found Dung Bettle #1, you will find another Dung Bettle at coordinates 16.0 LAT and 93.4 LON.

Dung Beetle Location #4

You can also find another Dung Beetle roaming around at coordinates 26.1 LAT and 70.6 LON.

Dung Beetle Location #5

Head to the western coastal area of Balheimr to find a Dung Bettle at coordinates 87.7 LAT and 69.3 LON.

Dung Beetle Location #6

Find the cave entrance at coordinates 77.7 LAT and 29.3 LON in Vardiland. Head all the way in to find at least two Dung Beetles.

Ark Fjordur Dung Beetles

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