Ark Fjordur Artifacts And Boss Terminals Locations

Find the Artifact and get to boss terminals.

In Ark Fjordur, you need to find the hidden artifacts to fight the special bosses. These artifacts are mainly inside the caves, and you may have a hard time tracking down all. Don’t worry; this Artifacts and Boss Terminals Locations guide will cover what you need to do to track down these bosses and the artifacts, along with the coordinates for each.

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Boss Terminal Locations

All Artifact Locations in Ark: Fjordur

You will find 12 artifacts scattered throughout the Fjordur map. On your way to these, you will encounter enemies and creatures that will test your skills. To help you get to the artifact without a problem, I will share complete details about the cave entrance, the creatures you can find inside, and the exact coordinates of the artifact.

Artifact of the Strong

The Artifact of the Strong is just north of the redwoods in the bear caverns. The coordinates for the cave are 08.8 Latitude – 24.5 Longitude.

The cave is full of creatures like spiders and Titanboas, and you may even encounter some bears there. The exact coordinates for the Artifact of Strong inside the cave are 06.00 Latitude – 23.80 Longitude.

Artifact of the Hunter

This Artifact is in the western region of the map inside the Drengrheimr Cave. The coordinates for the location are 03.3 Latitude – 32.6 Longitude.

A massive rock is blocking the cave entrance, making finding it a bit tricky. You need to blast your way through with a c4. Once you open an entrance, it will be a straightforward run, and you need to reach the artifact at 07.30 Latitude – 32.9 Longitude. You will find a couple of bats and Purlovias along the way.

Artifact of the Immune

This artifact is found on Volcano Island within Mount Doom Caverns, southeast of the map. The coordinates for the cave are 90.8 Latitude – 78.1 Longitude.

The entrance to the cave is easy to find. Once inside, head towards the coordinates 88.8 – 86.2 to find this artifact. When rushing toward the artifact, you will find a couple of scorpions, arthros, and bats.

Artifact of Clever and Pack

The Artifacts of the Clever and Pack are inside the Molten Caverns North of the map. The coordinates for the cave are 21.2 Latitude and 57.4 Longitude.

You will find two artifacts in a single cave. To get to the artifacts, the pathway will split off into two different directions, each leading to one of the artifacts. You’ll need to parkour your way toward the artifact for the left path.

You’ll need a grappling hook to jump across the lava for the right path. Your only foe in this cave will be lava.

Artifact of the Brute

To find this artifact, head inside the Bolbjord cavern on the Swamp Island west of the map. The coordinates for the cave are 49.4 Latitude – 14.3 Longitude.

The cave is filled with bats, spiders, arthropods, leeches, and poisonous gas. To survive inside the cave, you will need a gas mask. The artifact inside the cave is at the following coordinates: 47.6 – 08.1.

Artifact of the Skylord

The artifact of the Skylord is within the Frozen Fortress, northwest of the map. The coordinates for the fortress are 07.7 Latitude – 23.5 Longitude.

You will need thermal insulation and a grappling hook to survive and parkour your way inside the fortress. You will encounter a couple of strong animals like wolves, apes, and bears along your way.

A couple of loot boxes will be found within the fortress that you can loot along your way toward the artifact at 07.2 Latitude – 27.9 Longitude.

Artifact of the Cunning

The Artifact of the Cunning is underwater in the forgotten caves. The coordinates for the cave are 76.8 Latitude – 66.0 Longitude.

Swim through the cave, and you will eventually pop out to the land. From there, you will explore your way through, finding a worn-out ship. You will encounter a couple of bats and scorpions, finally reaching the artifact in a massive room at 72.7 Latitude – 70.8 Longitude.

Artifact of the Devourer

The Artifact of the Devourer is underwater inside the Mariana Caverns to the Far North West of the map. The coordinates for the cave are 03.3 Latitude – 03.7 Longitude.

You may need to tame a Basilosaurus for this one. Its immunity to shock and stuns will help you traverse through the area filled with Jellyfishes and Eels. Youu will find the artifactat the end at 08.7 Latitude – 13.6 Longitude.

Artifact of the Massive

Finally, we have the Artifact of the Massive. You can find this one in Nidisheim Depths, located far West to the edge of the map. The Coordinates for the cave are 71.8 Latitude – 01.2 Longitude.

You may need to get a tame or scuba suit to dive to the surface. Once you get to the surface, you will be introduced to the Nidisheim labyrinth, filled with booby traps and puzzles for you to solve.

Once you reach the end, you will find your artifact at coordinates 75.0 – 10.5.

Artifact of the Stalker

In Ark Fjordur, you can find Artifact of the Stalker in the central Broken Meadows region in Vannaland. The Coordinates for the cave are 56.9 Latitude – 84.9 Longitude.

From the cave entrance, you need to travel a bit to get to the Artifact, so it is advised to use a small mount such as Raptor inside. While exploring the cave, you will come across a couple of Ravagers, which can quickly be dealt with the Bola Weapons. The exact coordinates of this artifact are 49.3 – 87.9.

Artifact of the Shadows

You can find Artifact of the Shadows in the Runheimr forest northeast of the Vannaland continent. The Coordinates for the cave are 10.0 Latitude – 84.40 Longitude.

To reach the cave entrance, you need to use the help of a flying Mount. This will help you get to the top of the waterfall. Inside the cave, travel towards 18.8 Latitude – 83.8 Longitude to get to the artifact.

How to Fix Ark Fjordur Artifacts not spawning

When the players are finding the Artifacts in the single player mode, they often face the problem of Artifacts Not Spawning. The artifacts have not spawned yet because they need time to spawn in the game, much like the dinosaurs.

To fix Artifacts not spawning, you must return to the “Main Menu” and exit the map. After this, you need to reload the map once again. Doing so will force spawn artifacts.

Ark Fjordur Boss Terminal Locations

Now that we have all the artifacts, we need to access the terminals to fight the bosses.

Beyla Boss Terminal location

The coordinates for the Beyla Terminal are 04.2 Latitude – 47.3 Longitude, located inside the Beehive. You will need 30 runestones gained from killing alphas to activate the terminal. Once defeated, it will drop Beyla Relic, which you will need for the Broodmother Terminal.

Portal Room

To access the following few bosses, you must go through the portal rooms. The coordinates for the portal room are 40.7 Latitude – 57.5 Longitude. You can access different realms to find the terminals.

Steinbjorn Terminal location

Steinbjorn Terminal is in the Jotunheim Realm inside a well-hidden cave. The coordinates for the cave are 77.1 Latitude – 30.9 Longitude.

Crouch your way into the cave towards the terminal. You will see a grand tree and a terminal to access. You will need 30 Runestones to access the terminal.

Once defeated, Steinbjorn will drop its relic, which will be used to activate the Megapithecus terminal.

Hati and Skol Terminal location

Hati and Skol are quite out in the open on Asgard Realm. The Coordinates for Hati and Skol terminal are 20.5 Latitude and 37.1 Longitude. You will need 30 runestones to access the terminal.

Once Defeated, Hati and Skol will drop their relic, which will be used for the Dragon Terminal.

Broodmother Terminal location

Once you have all of the previous relics, you must find all the original Island bosses. Starting with Broodmother, which will be located at 57.4 Latitude – 65.6 Longitude.

To summon the boss, you will need

  • Artifact of the Clever
  • Artifact of the Hunter
  • Artifact of the Massive
  • Beyla Relic

Megapithecus Terminal

Megapithecus can be found inside of the aberration cave East of the Map. The coordinates for the cave are 56.9 Latitude – 85.1 Longitude.

To summon the boss, you will need

  • Artifact of the Brute
  • Artifact of the Devourer
  • Artifact of the Pack
  • Steinbjorn Relic

Dragon Terminal location

The cave for the Dragon Terminal is located far southwest of the map. The coordinates for the cave are 86.2 Latitude – 04.5 Longitude.

To summon the boss, you will need

  • Artifact of the Cunning
  • Artifact of the Immune
  • Artifact of the Skylord
  • Artifact of the Strong
  • Hati Relic
  • Skoll Relic

Fenrir Terminal location

After defeating all the bosses and mini-bosses, you can access Fenrir from any realm terminal. To summon Fenrir, you must have a minimum survivor level of 55 and trophies for the Island bosses you defeated around the map.

Find the Artifacts and get to boss terminals.

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