Ark Crystal Isles Tropeognathus Location and Taming

We've prepared this detailed guide to help you find and tame the Tropeognathus creature in Ark Crystal Isles.

In Ark Crystal Isles, Tropeognathus is a genus of enormous pterosaurs. It belongs to the group of medium-sized avian species. Despite not being the swiftest fliers, they have considerable endurance and are useful for carrying.

Tropeognathus doesn’t move quickly but it can carry a lot of weight. Its attacks are average; it just has a left-click chomp attack. Additionally, you can utilize its saliva-dripping right-click assaults to pull fish out of the water.

Other soaring creatures can be drafted by Tropeognathus. The Tropeognathus also can turn in midair while in jet mode. Although it moves slowly, you can fasten a jet booster to its back to soar at extremely high speeds. It absorbs gas like honey. It also has a turret on its back from which it can fire grenades.

This Ark Crystal Isles walkthrough will show gamers every place they can find Tropeognathus. Finding them is not the only thing that matters; taming always comes next. So, a complete explanation of how to tame Tropeognathus will also be provided in this article.

Ark Crystal Isles Tropeognathus Location

In Ark Crystal Isles, one of the famous locations where Tropeognathus spawn is a floating island however players can find them in the volcanic area of Red forest.

Because their feeding areas are close to the ocean, according to the dossier, Tropeognathus can be found specifically around the seaside. The location’s coordinates are:


Lat: 78

Lon: 28

Tropeognathus can also be seen flying over The White Shoals, Emberfall, or The Great Valley in Ark Crystal Isles. The precise locations are unknown, and gamers must perform some independent work. Nevertheless, the image below will direct players to these locations:

Ark Crystal Isles Tropeognathus Location and Taming

How to Tame Tropeognathus

To tame this creature, players first need to have all of the following things:

  • 1 hand bola
  • 8 Stone pillar
  • 2 Stone roofs
  • 1 ballistic turret
  • 1 Chain bola
  • Taming food.

You need all these because it’s a passive tame, and players need to down it first before taming it.

It will be down after you give it a chain bola, at which point you can feed it its preferred kibble. Since the Tropeognathus is a meat-eater, you can also use raw mutton or raw prime beef in its place.

The issue with his crew is that they take a while to feel hungry once more, and once the bola wears off, they’ll be enraged at you. Unless you find a means to capture it with some structure, you will be bound and forced to bowl it repeatedly.

Once you’ve tamed the Tropeognathus, feel free to mount it since it has a saddle and doesn’t need a saddle to ride. Once you’ve fed it that second special kibble, you’ll have a Tropeognathus to call your own.

Create a Saddle

Players must create a saddle right away to make it behave like a jet fighter. After the saddle is created, it must be removed from the fabricator and inserted into the Tropeognathus’ saddle slot. This monster will undergo a revolution as a result of its newfound ability to fly and transform into a jet fighter with a grenade launcher on its back.

However, players must switch into the jet mode to use it as a jet. Players will need to add gasoline for that. They may see a tiny icon for gasoline on the lower left side of the screen. To activate the jet mode, players must take and pull some gasoline into their inventory. Then, on a PC, press the CTRL key, and it will begin to advance.

When you are sprinting and aiming down, you can maximize your fuel burn, which will burn as much gasoline as it can. You can see a yellow indicator that will show you how much fuel you are burning.

Finally, it can also be used as a grenade launcher by gamers. Take some grenades and put them in the Tropeognathus’s inventory to use the grenade launcher. On a computer, right-clicking will start firing grenades at the front of the creature by default.

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