Ark Crystal Isles Sulfur Locations

By highlighting the locations, this Ark Crystal Isles guide will assist gamers in finding Sulfur over the entire area.

Sulfur is one of the major resources you’ll come across in the Ark Crystal Isles expansion. Sulfur is a rare spawn by the red lava forest biome near the volcano. There are various resources in Ark Crystal Isles, some of which are simple to locate while others are more challenging. By highlighting the locations, this Ark Crystal Isles guide will assist gamers in finding Sulfur over the entire area. As a result, this guide promises to make Ark Players’ lives easier.

Sulfur is a necessary ingredient to make the Flame Thrower, Preserving Salt, and Propellant. Sulfur is also used in the preservation of salts. If you have S+/SS, you can easily produce sulfur from excrement by using the grinder.

Ark Crystal Isles Sulfur Locations

In Ark games, gathering resources is a requirement of the player. Salt in the Ark The resource Crystal Isles is scarce. Players in Crystal Isles have three ways to farm sulfur; pickaxe is the quickest method, followed by anki as the second-best alternative. However, we shall examine Mantis in this tutorial because it is the best.

Players must board Mantis. Make sure he is holding a pickaxe before proceeding. To do this, simply place the pickaxe in his inventory, adjust its settings, and then proceed to the sulfur. This will be the most effective way for you to locate the sulfur.

Always remember that a milling drill won’t work on it, so don’t spend your time trying. Let’s start sulfur hunting from the following the location with following coordinates :

Lat 49.2


Lon 57

Ark Crystal Isles Sulfur Locations

Location #1

For the first location, players need to fly and get to the place with coordinates:

Lat 48

Lon 65

At, this location players can see the ledge below them. Players need to follow it down to reach the first location of Sulfur.

After reaching the bottom, run straight towards the west. Players will start seeing sulfur on the left-hand side.

So the first location is finally at the given coordinates:

Lat 49.4

Lon 57.1

Location #2

For the second location, players need to turn and run in direction of the north. While running, they will start seeing a big rock from the distance. Sulfur resources are right behind that rock.

Lat 48.1

Lon 57.2

Location #3

In location 2, players will find a lot of rocks, now the third location is across these rocks. So keeping location 2 as a reference, it’s time to head towards the southeast. After a little run players will find the third location.

Lat 48.4

Lon 57.6

Location #4

For the fourth location, players need to head straight north from location 3. There is a hill on the way. After running over that hill, players will find more sulfur.

Lat 47.1

Lon 57.5

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