Ark Crystal Isles Oil Vein Locations

Find out everything about the location and uses of the Oil Vein resource in Ark Crystal Isles to plan out your farming approach.

Oil Vein is a vital resource node that you can find in the Ark Crystal Isles. You can place an Oil Pump on top of it to extract 1 unit of Oil every 20 seconds. The Oil is used for powering the chainsaw, mining drill, industrial forge, etc. This guide will cover complete details about where you can find the Oil Veins in Ark Crystal Isles.

Where to Find Oil Veins in Ark Crystal Isles

Oil Veins are the best source of collecting a lot of Oil in Ark Crystal Isles. You can place an Oil Pump over them to get a regular oil supply. There are around eight spots where you can find Oil Veins and install an Oil Pump over them.

Finding an oil vein is not that difficult, but you might have to face some dangerous creatures while looking for them. The creatures you will encounter highly depend on the area. You will also encounter some big dinos, so be ready to face any danger.

Ark Crystal Isles Oil Vein Locations

Location #1

Lat/Long 31.5°, 38.1°

This area is located in the northern region of the map, right close to the Redwood. Here you will find four Oil veins pretty close to each other and a lot of Oil Rocks.


Location #2

Lat/Long  31.9°, 36.0°

These coordinates will take you to the entrance of a Honey Bee cave. After entering it move a little forward and then dive underwater. Go towards 31.4 LAT and 25.4 LON, and you will find a lot of Oil Veins under water.

Location #3

Lat/Long  34.1°, 59.3°

These coordinates will take you to a small Island in Ark Crystal Isles where you will find seven Oil veins. It is a pretty good location for you, and most of the Veins are located in the beach area of this Island.

Location #4

Lat/Long  31.7°, 62.4°

You will find an Oil vein at the coordinates given above, and to find four more, you can head towards the 30.6 LAT and 59.5 LON. You must explore the area between these coordinates to find all the Oil Veins.

Location #5

Lat/Long  9.0°, 70.9°

These coordinates will take you to the Snowy region close to the ocean. You will find three Oil Veins here pretty close to each other. This area doesn’t have many dangerous creatures, so the location is safe.

Location #6

Lat/Long  21.6°, 67.9°

Again these coordinates will take you to the cliff area in the snowy region, where you will find two Oil Veins right next to each other. You can also find more Veins if you explore the area around these coordinates.

Location #7

Lat/Long  28.2°, 62.7°

You will find four to five Oil Vein in Ark Crystal Isles when you go to these coordinates. One vein is in the middle of the rocky area, and a few at the snowy beach area. It is right between the two locations where you found the Oil Veins before.

Location #8

Lat/Long  18.8°, 40.8°

These coordinates will take you to the entrance of an underwater cave. After entering the cave, you have to go to its end toward the 28.2 LAT and 47.3 LON. You will find a lot of Oil Veins there.

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