Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map

This detailed guide will brief you on the different types of Dino you'll be encountering in Ark Crystal Isles.

There are many benefits of taming different Dino species found across the map of Ark Crystal Isles as they can single-handedly change the tide of the battle. Killing the dinos rewards the player with numerous resources for cooking and crafting. Since there are so many of them and are scattered across the map, we’ve put together a guide that will help you locate and interact with them without any added effort.

The following guide highlights all the Dino spawn locations in Ark Crystal Isles for your convenience.

Ark Crystal Isles All Dino Spawn Locations


The Giganotosaurus is one of the most powerful dinosaurs in the game. Giganotosaurus is the apex predator of the game and roams freely on the island killing everything in its path.  They are aggressive and can outrun anything.

Taming this beast is very challenging and without proper planning, the player will be torn away. They spawn near the volcano in the fire swamps and on the South coast of the desert. They can be found near the Griffin trenches in the desert.

Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map


The Allosaurus is one of the most aggressive predators of the game and usually roams in a pack of three. Allosaurus has quick mobility and its attacks can cause bleeding.  These dinos are aggressive as well.

Once tamed these Dinos have additional benefits such as reduced damage, extra attacks, and the ability to roar.  Allosaurus spawn in LowerHalcyon plains, Midland Savannah, and other grasslands. These Dinos are located in the Great forest in the North and mountains such as the copper peaks.

Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map


Diplodocus is a very friendly dino with a passive nature. They don’t cause any harm to the player and can be easily befriended by feeding them. Diplodocus has very high endurance and does not run away from predators.

They are very large and have thick heads. Diplodocus spawns in the redwood forest region of the map. They can be found in the great valley and other grasslands on the map.  These Dinos spawn in the jungles as well.

Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map


Megalosaurus is asleep during the day posing no danger to the player. These predators wake up at night and are highly aggressive in dark.  These dinos have nocturnally aggressive behavior. It is best to tame Megalosaurus during the day as they are very sluggish and have weak attacks.

At night these dinos are very fast and can rip apart the player. They spawn in the snow biome region of the map. Megalosaurus is located in Desert Savannah as well.

Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map


Yutyrannus is long-headed dangerous Dinos with a very aggressive nature. These predators have three clawed fingers along with long arms. The mobility is not very impressive therefore these dinos can be easily overrun using a fast ride.

These dinos spawn in the Crooks Canyon and Wander’s hope. They are found in the Tundrafalls, Great North forest, and in the snowy regions of the map

Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map


Microraptor is small dinosaurs with very fast speeds. They are aggressive and will attack sight. It has wings so can stay in the air for a few seconds after jumping. However, these dinos are not very strong and easily be trapped and killed.

Microraptor spawns in the redwood forest region of the map. They can be found in the Apotheosis region as well.

Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map


Troodon is intelligent dinos with a nocturnally aggressive nature. They have fast speeds and can easily outrun a player.  On detecting a threat, the whole pack of Troodon becomes alert and aggressive making them more powerful.

Troodon spawns in the redwood forest region of the map. They can be found in the great valley and Bloodfall’s hallow areas. Check the jungle area for Troodon as well.

Ark Crystal Isles Dino Spawn Map


Gallimimus are herbivores with a passive and shy temperament. It has moderate speed and moves faster once injured. These dinos have long necks and feed on grass and berries. Gallimimus spawn in the redwood forest region of the map. They can be found in the central oasis, the northern part of Emberfall, and grasslands on the map.


These are small dinos with a skittish temperament. They wander around the crystal isles in search of an egg. Oviraptors are not hostile and can easily be trapped and killed. Bola can be used to trap these fast creatures. They spawn in the great valley, in the white shoals, and the Apotheosis region of the map.


Quetzal is a large flying creature with a passive temperament. They fly slowly and are carnivores feeding mainly on fish. They can be seen flying around the crystal isles. These dinos flee when attacked at much faster speeds.  Quetzal spawns in the Great Forest, Apotheosis region, and the Desert Savannah regions of the map.


These are aggressive dinos with large amounts of stamina. They are extremely large with scaly skin. Rexes have an aggressive temperament.

These Rexes are slow but have pretty strong attacks. Shooting Tranq arrows and attacking friends is effective against them.  They spawn in the Northland region, Great Forest North, and mountainous areas of the map. Tek-Rex can be found in Eldritch Isle as well.

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