Ark Aberration Surface Reaper King Location and Taming Guide

This guide will help you locate and tame an Alpha Surface Reaper King of your own in Ark Aberration and building a mobile base on its back.

Alpha Surface Reaper King in Ark Aberration is far more hostile than its non-alpha counterpart. Just like the original form, it will only appear at nighttime. Alpha Surface Reaper King is bigger than Reaper Queen, typically born with red flesh within and an aura of burning red surrounding them.

They typically spawn with an albino exterior shell. Nonetheless, since they are underground, they could never perceive this aura.

If you are interested in taming an Alpha Surface Reaper King of your own in Ark Aberration and building a mobile base on its back, then you’ve come to the right guide.

Ark Aberration Alpha Surface Reaper King Location

There are no color areas and the Alpha Surface Reaper King consistently spawns in the same color combination. Alpha Surface Reaper King drops Hide, Raw Meat, and Alpha Reaper King Barb.

The general spawn map for Alpha Surface Reaper King is given below:

Ark Aberration Alpha Surface Reaper King Location

How to Tame Alpha Surface Reaper King

When Alpha Surface Reaper Kings attain a particular health level, they are prone to dig for protection before emerging distant from the player.

Keep in mind the player is concealed before using Rock Drakes or any other destructive weapon. It moves at a pace that is comparable to 460% of the travel speed of a survivor. It may sometimes move more quickly than Rock Drakes.

The Reaper, however, is the greatest tame to utilize. Even with a queen level of 56, a reaper may get 75 levels and perhaps achieve 46k health in a short period. It can be utilized to defeat an Alpha Surface Reaper King of low rank.

It is advised to carry two Rock Drakes of a mid-to-high rank for tribes. Alternately, a soaker dino might be sent via Karkinos, although it is advised to make the crab stay away from the conflict as it is quite weak for its stature.

Single gamers must bring a powerful Rock Drake or Reaper King, and they must always have an exit strategy. Remember to remove all of the nearby reapers from the region you’re battling in since it is a bad strategy to place yourself in a situation where you may be encircled by an Alpha Reaper.

Remember that Charge Lights may impact even the powerful Alpha Reaper King, so just be certain you carry a Charge Light Animal to weaken its protection. Alpha Surface Reaper King/Queen, in contrast to Nameless and normal Reaper King/Queen, seems to have no well-known weaknesses aside from Charge Light.

The Alpha Surface Reaper King would dig itself inside the ground and vanish after a set amount of time if compelled to be tamed. If you summon the Alpha Surface Reaper King by whistling to pursue you and bury it, you may avoid this. If you then switch to daytime, the Alpha Surface Reaper King would pursue you from below the surface.

It will then abruptly emerge above the surface if you force it to burrow off a hill. If implemented right, the Alpha Surface Reaper King would always spawn and remain above the surface, irrespective of the time of day.

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