Ark Aberration Keratin Locations

Keratin is a helpful resource that you can use in Ark Aberration as a substitute for Chitin. Some creatures in Ark Aberration drop it, but the best way is to harvest the corpses using some tools or dinos. We prepared this guide so you can quickly find this item in Ark Aberration and also figure out which items can you craft with it.

Ark aberration keratin locations

You can find Keratin by harvesting corpses on the surface of Aberration. The best tool you can use for the harvest is Metal Hatchet. Most players prefer using tames like Sabertooth or Direwolf, which has excellent melee damage to harvest a lot of Keratin quickly.

It is used for crafting Bonemeal Fertilizer in Ark Aberration. You can also use it to craft the following items as a substitute for Chitin.

  • Araneo Saddle
  • Argentavis Saddle
  • Blood Extraction Syringe
  • Cementing Paste
  • Gacha Saddle
  • Gasbags Saddle
  • Kaprosuchus Saddle
  • Lymantria Saddle
  • Managarmr Saddle
  • Pelagornis Saddle
  • Pteranodon Saddle
  • SCUBA Flippers
  • Silencer Attachment
  • Snow Owl Saddle
  • Velonasaur Saddle

Location #1

Go to the coordinates below to find the first spot to harvest Keratin.

  • 27.0 LAT
  • 62.1 LON

It is Cave Entrance close to the northwestern surface. From here, you can harvest a lot of Metal and Keratin. Harvesting Keratin using some dino will be a better option here.

Location #2

Head to the coordinates below to find the second location to harvest Keratin.

  • 24.8 LAT
  • 64.22 LON

This location is close to the previous cave location from where we harvest Keratin. Here you will find a lot of bones and corpses. Just harvest them using your tame or metal axe, and you have a healthy supply of Keratin.

If you move towards the 25.7 LAT and 63.9 LON, you will spot more nodes to harvest Keratin in Ark Aberration.

Location #3

Head to the coordinates below to the third location to harvest Keratin.

  • 52.1 LAT
  • 22.2 LON

It is another cave that you find in the Ark Aberration. After entering it, you must move forward to spot many bones on the surface. You can harvest a lot of Keratin from this single location.

Location #4

The fourth location to harvest Keratin is located at the following coordinates.

  • 70.1 LAT
  • 54.2 LON

You can find this Keratin Harvest spot in the mid-bottom portion of the map. Here you will find some good places to harvest Keratin close to each other.

Location #5

You can find the fifth location to harvest Keratin by heading to the coordinates mentioned below.

  • 79.7 LAT
  • 25.0 LON

This one is another excellent location to harvest Keratin in the bottom left corner of the map.

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