Area 51 Mario Maker 2 Map Created In Response To Memetic Facebook Event

An Area 51 Mario Maker 2 map has been created in response to the huge amount of memes from the Storm Area 51 Facebook event.

An Area 51 Mario Maker 2 map has been uploaded to the game’s servers in response to the Facebook event that’s been all over the internet the past few weeks, as the latest culmination to the various memes that have been created about it. The map is currently available to play for everyone.

The entire reasoning behind the map’s creation is over the aforementioned Facebook event, which someone posted with the apparently joking intent of storming the base with millions of people in order to get a look at the aliens and alien technology that pop culture has always said to be there.

The event has blown up not just in terms of meme potential but also to the point that various major news outlets are reporting on it, and even the United States Air Force has informed everyone to not try storming a United States military base for their own safety.

The Area 51 Mario Maker 2 map is called “Let’s see them aliens!” and has been liked by over 6,000 players, and played over 19,000 times since the writing of this story. The map involves players running across a desert before entering a castle filled with Bloopers, UFO-styled moving platforms, creepy music, and trippy visuals.

Whether you do plan to attend the event or not (please don’t), even if you can’t, the map will allow you to at least do something similar. While Super Mario Maker 2 does allow players to create challenging courses, it also lends itself to numerous odd gimmick maps, like how the original Mario Maker allowed someone to build a calculator.

Area 51 Mario Maker 2 map can be found with the course ID H98-D1B-Y3G, and will only take you about a minute or two to complete if you’re competent at Mario. Otherwise, you can keep enjoying the memes about Area 51 as they continue to crop up all over the internet.

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