Are There More “Unlockable Aliens” in Star Wars Battlefront?

A rouge menu item has revealed "unlockable aliens" in Star Wars Battlefront. Is it simply an error on the website or is it a hint at more surprises to come?

People who viewed the Star Wars Battlefront website today noticed something strange, and unsurprisingly disappeared. A menu option mentioning “Unlockable Aliens” it has raised some interesting questions.

Raised on Reddit a screenshot was saved featuring the interesting menu item, though it is a mystery as to what it actually means. Obviously spate from the “Heroes and Villains” that we already know about, could these aliens be creatures that have been seen in the movies? If this is the case, there are plenty that could appear.

While this does raise questions about exactly what the menu item is, it could also be something very simple, and that is a mistake. It could even be a menu item that was in place during the design process of the website and has somehow made its back onto the latest version of the menu. Whatever the case, the fact that it was quickly removed does mean that it was something that was not meant to be there.

With Star Wars Battlefront coming in November and the popularity created by the beta testing there is plenty of excitement around the game right now. It’s no wonder that something as little as this could cause such interest, especially when it is something that we’ve previously not heard much about. Whether anything actually comes from this or not is another matter.

What are your thoughts on the “Unlockable Aliens” menu item? Do you think it was just a mistake, or a hint at a surprise still to come?

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