Apple’s Rumored Gaming Console Might Get Ubisoft, Capcom Exclusives

Following rumblings in the past few months, Apple has once again been rumored to be finalizing plans for a dedicated gaming console.

Following rumblings, Apple has once again been rumored to be finalizing plans to make its debut with a dedicated gaming console.

According to a rumor posted on Korean forum last week, Apple has been internally conducting feasibility studies to enter the global gaming console market that involves converting its existing Apple TV micro-console into a full-fledged gaming console.

Apple is also said to be discussing its gaming console venture with external consultancy firms, including leading game publishers such as Ubisoft and Capcom for both advice and exclusive content.

In January, WindowsCentral editor Jez Corden claimed that Apple has been poaching Xbox engineers to help put together an Apple gaming console. It however remains to be verified if the iPhone manufacturer has been able to see its plans come to fruition or not.

Apple is said to be exploring too many ideas at once with the possibility of virtual reality support and a metaverse implementation in the wind. Whether a gaming console or not, Apple is presumed to be definitely working on something related to the game industry. Suffice to say, whatever the technology conglomerate is cooking up, it will not be meant to match shoulders with the likes of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

If the rumors come out to be true, Ubisoft, as one publisher, can be expected to affirm its full commitment to the new Apple gaming platform. The belief is based on Ubisoft being one of few publishers to believe in Google Stadia from the start.

A number of its franchises including Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry were made available in addition to new releases on the Google streaming platform. Unfortunately, Google Stadia perished. Its streaming technology is reportedly being sold to interested parties after seeing its internal game development division shuttered after just a year of launch.

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