Apex Legends Seer Guide

In this Apex Legends Seer guide we’ll go over all of Seer’s abilities and provide some tips and tricks on how to best use his kit.

Seer is the new upcoming hero in Apex Legends’ Season 10, Emergence. Seer is designed for those who want to track down and hunt their foes. In this Apex Legends Seer guide, we’ll go over all of Seer’s abilities and some tips on how to best use this Legend.

Apex Legends Seer

Seer is the first tracking legend in Apex Legends since Bloodhound, making him a big deal. Unlike the rest of the Apex Legend roster, Seer provides utility through tracking down enemies as opposed to traditional aggressive tactical abilities.

Seer’s drones and heartbeat sensor make hiding from him very difficult. Seer looks to primarily serve as a support character, revealing and exposing enemy locations. However, in good hands, Seer’s abilities can make him the most evasive and deadliest character in Apex Legends.

With this basic idea about Seer’s strengths out in the open, let us look at the abilities Seer can use.

Seer Abilities

Tactical Ability: Focus of Attention

Seer sends out many drones that cover a huge area. In this area, the drones reveal the locations of enemies by tracking them clearly. The marker on the enemy will disappear after a short duration, and lasts for only a few seconds.

Enemies hiding in nooks and crannies waiting to ambush you, or those who have retreated to heal, all are revealed by the microdrones allowing Seer to attack or flank them.

The drones will fly out and blast on the detected enemy dealing 10 damage. Furthermore, its marks them, displays their health, and even interrupts any abilities they might be using at the time of blast.

Passive Ability: Heat Seeker

The ability works only when players aim down sights. When doing so, players can see the heartbeat of enemies even from behind covers, allowing Seer top to decide how to approach or ambush them. The enemies appear as a static orange pin, which is removed once the enemy moves.

The location of the enemy from the sensor is not very accurate, but you get the general idea of the enemy location. This ability allows you to detect any enemy in range of 75m as you are aiming down sight.

Ultimate Ability: Exhibit

Hundreds of drones are sent out, which have the ability to track any fast-moving enemy or if any enemy fires any weapon inside the area.

Similar to the Tactical ability, this ability shows the clear outline of the enemies making it easier to determine where they are moving and what angles are they covering.

The ability can be thrown from a distance, allowing you to keep your distance without having to confront any of the enemy team members.

Tips and Tricks

Seer is a recon legend. Unlike the other legends, Seer sacrifices over-the-top mobility options to go with the gift of knowledge.

His Heat Seeker works best when used in indoor combat scenarios like inside a building or in cramped and closed spaces. This allows Seer to constantly keep an eye on the enemy’s movements and react accordingly.

The Tactical ability of Seer works best in medium-ranged combat. Since the drones reveal enemy locations, Seer should be able to get to them quickly to keep them from recharging their shields or healing or reviving teammates. With the threat of ever-present drones, Seer constantly keeps enemies on their toes.

The ultimate ability of Seer allows him to dominate in gunfights with multiple squads. This is especially the case in end-game skirmishes where keeping track of everyone is difficult. The ability works best in buildings as any movement in a multi-story building will be detected.

Players usually rush and make quick flanks to get the win but Seer will be able to keep these movements in check (or conversely, lead a better flank) . The Microdrone Sphere will force the enemies to be more passive in the fast-paced game style of Apex Legends to stay under the radar.

Seer’s ability as a recon allows him to be a strong competitor to Bloodhound. His ability will reveal the enemy location to all teammates and anyone who is playing Seer should use this fact to keep not only himself, but their teammates informed as well. Having the knowledge of enemy positions is a huge perk that Seer brings to the table and so communication is key.

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