Apex Legends Legendary Gear Guide – Weapons, Gear, Shields, Where to Find

Our Apex Legends Legendary Gear Guide will help you learn all about Legendary Weapons, Attachments, Shields, Gear, and where to find Legendary Loot.

1Apex Legends is a fast-paced competitive shooter game. Therefore, if you want to get some victories under your belt, you have to know what type of gear/weapons to use and attachments that are worth betting on.

The loot in Apex Legends comes in 4 tiers i.e. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Of course, the higher the level, the better the loot is. Essentially, Level 4 Items are the best items available, but on the contrary, they are also the hardest to find.

In this Apex Legends Guide, we will talk about Level 4 Gear, what are its advantage, where can it be found and if it is worth it.

Apex Legends Legendary Gear

Do note that Level 4 loot is also referred to as the Legendary Loot, so I will address it as such. Each level of gear is assigned with a color and Legendary Items are displayed in Yellow/Golden color.

The Legendary Loot is divided into three categories i.e. the Legendary Weapons, their Legendary Attachments, and the Legendary Gear.

Legendary Weapons

The Legendary Weapons include all of the weapons that you usually find throughout the map, but the Legendary Variant of that weapon would be fully kitted with best attachments.

The downside of this is that you do not get to choose which Legendary Gun you want, so the chances of you getting your preferred choice are pretty slim.

So often times it is better to leave the Legendary Weapon for the gun that suits you the best, especially if you are not particularly any good at the gun.

However, getting a Legendary Weapon is a rare privilege so it is very painful to leave it, so you might as well try it.

Additionally, along with these Legendary Weapons, there are two exclusive Legendary Weapons, the Golden 50 Cal Sniper, Kraber, and the Golden shotgun Mastiff.

Both of these weapons are incredibly powerful, and it is not an overstatement calling them the best weapons of the game. I would advise you to pick these up whenever you come across them. No exceptions!

Both the Kraber and the Mastiff can ravage the enemy teams. There is no dramatic drawback to these weapons. The potential drawback is that the ammo is limited.

Each of these guns come with their own ammo reserves, so you have to work with what you get and are not able to pick additional ammo.

Personally, I think the ammo that comes with each of the guns is more than enough, considering their damage output.

For instance, the Kraber shot takes out 125 hit points off the enemy with a body shot, which means, it will only take 2 shots to put down an enemy.

Moreover, if your aim is not potato and you manage to land a headshot, the Kraber can be a one-shot killer. Mastiff, on the other hand, is a shotgun, so it may be tricky to use.

To estimate its damage capability, I would say that it definitely has higher damage than the Peace Keeper and we know that PeaceKeeper is notorious for its two to three shot kills, so Mastiff should do a better job than that.

It is also noticed that Mastiff has a great hip fire accuracy and the range is not too bad either.

Legendary Weapon Attachments

There are currently three Legendary Attachments available to choose from the Golden Barrel Stabilizer, the Digital Threat Scope, and the Turbo Charger.

The Golden Barrel Stabilizer is nothing to write home about, it is essentially the same as the Purple (Level 3) Barrel Stabilizer but slightly better. However, unlike the Purple (Level 3) Barrel, you will not encounter its Golden counterpart very often.

The Barrel attachment, in general, reduces the overall kick or the recoil of the gun. It works on SMGs, Assault Rifles as well as LMGs.

While recoil on most guns is easy to control, some weapons like the R99 or the Spitfire can give you hard time taming them.

Therefore, it is best to save this attachment for these guns, as with the help of the Golden Barrel; these weapons can be almost recoilless. The Digital Threat is perhaps the most useful attachment out there.

The Digital Threat is a 1x scope (resembles the Holographic Sight) or a 4x-10x Sniper Sight, but unlike other sites, the enemies you view through these sights are highlighted with bright red color.

This is helpful particularly when you want to see through smoke.

While the enemy team would have no idea what is going on through the smoke, you will be able to make out their exact position (works like Bloodhound’s Ultimate).

Alternately, you can also use it offensively, by creating a smoke screen with Bangalore and taking advantage of Digital Threat Site to look through the smoke, while your enemies are confused in panic.

However, also keep in mind that your enemy might pull the same move on you if they have the sight instead of you.

Another handy advantage of the sight is that you will be able to differentiate between Mirage’s clone. Because, unlike the clone, Mirage would appear red, so you will save yourself from being bamboozled.

The Last attachment is the Turbocharger. The Turbo Charger works for both the energy weapons, the Devotion, and the new weapon Havoc.

If you have used either the Havoc or the Devotion, you may have noticed that both of these weapons take a significant amount of time to actually start doing some work.

With Havoc, the bullets actually come out after like 2 seconds and the Devotion has an inconsistent fire rate, so it starts out slow and then it fires so fast that it will eat all your remaining ammo at a drop of the hat.

These can be annoying; luckily, the Turbo Charger can be used to bring out their full potential.

The Turbo Charger eliminates the delay on the Havoc and can also keep the fire rate of Devotion stable (which is extremely fast). This is an extremely important attachment if you are a fan of either of these weapons.

Because without the Turbo Charges, these weapons are not very fancy, but with the Turbo Charger these might be one of the best weapons in the game.

Legendary Gear

There are 4 gear pieces in Apex i.e. Backpack, Helmet, Armor, and the Knockdown Shield. The Legendary Gear, however, has the same stats as Purple (Level 3) loot, except, the Legendary Loot comes with some perks.

The Legendary Helmet reduces the Headshot damage by 50%. Other than that, the Legendary Helmet also speeds up the recovery of Tactical and Ultimate abilities.

Therefore, it is more useful for characters, whose Ultimate abilities are used more often. For example, Lifeline can be a suitable candidate for this, because unlike Bangalore, who uses an airstrike, her ability should be used as soon as it is charged.

However, it also depends on your playstyle. Maybe you play much more aggressively and like to engage in multiple combats.

Naturally, you would want to use your Ultimate much more often in this scenario, because the Ultimate(s) is a key part of a Legend’s arsenal, here a Golden Helmet can help you out a bunch.

The Legendary Armor gives you a full 100 shield and fully recharges your shield whenever you perform an execution on a downed player.

While on paper, it does sound pretty good that, the shields recharge on execution, but realistically, I do not see anyone performing the execution on someone in the middle of the battle.

Because, when you have acquired the Legendary Armor, it is very likely that you are near the endgame, and during the endgame, the teams alive are not very easy to take out.

Additionally, even if you have managed to corner a downed enemy, chances are that their teammate is right around the corner, and the execution animation can be easily interrupted.

You might find yourself switching roles with the downed enemy. Aside from that, the Legendary Armor does look aesthetically cool and intimidating.

The Legendary Backpack gives you extra 6 slots in your backpack as wells as, speeds up your health and shield consumptions. This is in my opinion, is the best item to have, especially during the end game.

The time it takes to use the consumable is lengthy, so when you have successfully retreated, having a Golden Backpack to rejuvenate back to full health quickly and consequently jump back into the fight as soon as possible can turn tables.

The Legendary Knockdown Shield can give you a shield on knockdown with 750 HP and can be used to revive yourself when downed. The 750 Knockdown Shields can help you quite a bit, especially if someone is trying to thirst you.

However, the other ability of the Knockdown shield is far more impressive. When even you are downed, you can get yourself up, even if all three players of your team are down, you still have the opportunity to get back up.

However, the major drawback of this is the fact that the self-revive is painfully slow. The only way I see people pulling off this is that if you manage to get yourself enough time, to crawl to a safe corner and go through the full revive animation.

Moreover, that is not the only hurdle. Once you get yourself back up, you would be at 10% health, so you need more time to recover some HP and pop some batteries.

Legendary Loot Locations

The prime place to look for the Legendary Weapons is the hot zone. The hotzone is very lucrative, it is marked with a blue circle on the map during the landing phase, a blue light emitting from it in the game can also identify it.

However, beware; you will not be the only one looking for the Legendary Loot in the hot zone. Usually, 3 to 4 squads pick that spot, so be ready to face them once you land.

Alternately, you can have to wait for supply drops. After a couple of minutes in the game, a few supply drops are dropped in the game.

They are marked on the map, by three circular ripples and they can be visually identified, the same way as the hotzone, as they also emit the same blue light.

The Supply drops can have any Legendary Item; however, it mostly drops Legendary Gear and Legendary Weapons. Also, keep in mind that, the Kraber and Mastiff can exclusively be found in the supply drops.

You can also call supply drop using Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability. However, the drop she calls does come with Legendary Weapons, only with Legendary Gear and attachments.

Other ways to get Legendary Weapons is to either try areas with high tier loot or hop onto a supply ship. The supply ships can be found flying over the map in different spots.

The loot on a supply ship is very limited, and the chances of surviving a trip there are pretty slim. Therefore, it is best to stay clear of them. Often times, you can also acquire them from the teams you eliminate during the end game.

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