Apex Legends Best Loadouts Guide – Weapon Combinations You Should Get

Our Apex Legends Best Loadouts Guide will help you with some of the best combinations of Weapons and Items that you should consider picking up in the game.

The perfect combination of a duo of weapons doesn’t exist. Different situations call for different measures and that’s why you should at least consider four Apex Legends Loadouts that will work in almost any circumstance. Here are our top picks of loadouts to roll within Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Best Loadouts

Generally, in most Battle Royale games, you need to have a good loadout. Just as having *Shields*, *Bandages*, and *Weapon Attachments* are important having a good loadout is just as important.

Loadout in this game is mostly two weapons that you are comfortable with and comply with your team. So let’s look into some of the best loadouts which you might be interested in.

1. R-301 Carbine and Peacekeeper

The R-301 Carbine is a mid-range weapon with a slower fire rate but does good damage. This gun does not have a high magazine, but that issue can be solved by attaching stock capacity.

The Peacekeeper is one of the best close-range shotguns in the game. It does high damage and with proper attachments can be deadly to the enemy.

This is a very good loadout as you can scout using your R-301 Carbine and if you spot anyone, you can hit the mid-range and then rush them with Peacekeeper at close and get the kill.

2. Longbow and Peacekeeper or Wingman

This is most probably one of the best loadouts if you are a mid-range specialist and excel in sniping. The longbow is a heavy sniper that requires heavy ammo.

You can snipe from mid-long range and after a hit confirm switch to a wingman and eliminate the enemy. Wingman can be replaced by Peacekeeper and rush in and shoot from afar but you do need the precision choke attachment for this.

3. M600 Spitfire LMG and Mastiff Shotgun

This loadout can be mostly used for those who are moderate ranked players but can be used by all because it is a pretty decent loadout.

The Spitfire LMG has a 35-bullet magazine and does good damage. Add that with the Mastiff Shotgun you will be getting easy eliminations.

Although the Mastiff shotgun does not have a high magazine and you have to place your shots… well, a few shots will be enough as it does high damage.

4. G7 Scout and Prowler SMG

This loadout can be good too if used in the right way. This loadout is for those who want to push enemies as soon as they spot them.

After spotting them, you can place a shot on them, rush in on them, and take the kill with the Prowler SMG.

Prowler SMG works amazingly in close combats as it does high damage up close but it might be difficult to use so we recommend trying training with it.

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