Apex Legends Bangalore Character Guide – Abilities, Hero Tips, How to Play

Apex Legends Bangalore Character is in-your-face hard-hitting offensive character who is easy to play. Learn all about her abilities and tips for playing.

We will cover Apex Legends Bangalore in this guide. There are a bunch of Apex Legends characters and it may get overwhelming at first, but fret not. She is an interesting character, to say the least. Let us discuss her in greater detail!

Apex Legends Bangalore

A member of the IMC Armed Forces from as long as she can remember, Sgt First Class Anita Williams has always been an exceptional child.

She was the number one cadet at the IMC Military Academy and the only one of her age who could “take apart a Peacekeeper, equip it with a Precision Choke hop-up, and put it back together in under twenty seconds – blindfolded“.

Anita Williams is code-named Bangalore.

Special Abilities

Bangalore has three Special Abilities that make her different from the rest of the bunch. She is an exceptional fighter and most of her abilities focus on damaging the enemy alone.

That does not mean that you cannot use her in team-fights though. She is an excellent ganker and you can count on her to watch your back.

1. Tactical Ability
Bangalore’s Tactical Ability is ‘Smoke Launcher’, the ability to throw a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact. It is basically a Smoke Grenade Launcher.

2. Passive Ability
Apex Legends’ Bangalore has the passive ability of ‘Double Time’. Basically, if Bangalore takes damage while she is sprinting, she will be able to move faster for a small period of time.

3. Ultimate Ability
Here it is, the strongest ability in Bangalore’s arsenal: ‘Rolling Thunder’. When she activates her Ultimate Ability, Bangalore is able to call in an AoE airstrike that will obliterate anything in its path.

Difficulty and Tips

Bangalore is perhaps the easiest character to master in Respawn’s Apex Legends. If you have played any FPS game ever before, you will understand her abilities pretty easily.

Launch a Smoke Grenade and use Air Strike. If you have played any of the Call of Duty games before, this should not really be an issue. Here are some tips that might help you, if you are a Bangalore main:

  • Use her Smoke Launcher to run away from the battle. Or towards. Her Smoke Grenade is pretty long lasting and can be used to hide away from snipers that are far away.
  • When you are under fire from an Assault Rifle, run away. Assault Rifles deal relatively low damage and since Bangalore gets a good speed boost when she’s under fire, it would be a good move to run away, contact your team, get a better tactic and come back even stronger than ever.
  • The ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, should be kept as a last resort. An example would be when you are under fire from a large enemy squad. Since this is an AoE attack, you will definitely reveal your location to other enemy squads too.

Of course, be sure to blend in some of your own thoughts and ideas. Apex Legends seems like a complex and promising Battle Royale game. We definitely look forward to many Apex Legends memes too.

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