Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous Tips

In this Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous guide we will give you an insight into everything you need to know about the limited-time game mode.

In this Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous guide, we will give you an insight into everything you need to know about the limited-time game mode of Armed and Dangerous, including what it’s about and how you can win in it.

Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous

In the Armed and Dangerous Game Mode, your weaponry gets reduced to only shotguns and snipers so your skills with these weapons are put to test.

Aside from that, there are a couple of limited-edition legendary skins that are brought back by the Armed and Dangerous Event in the form of Grand Soiree Bundle.

These include the Endless Countdown Spitfire Skin and the Golden Arrow Hemlok Skin.

You can purchase the Grand Soiree Bundle for 6,000 Apex Coins.

There are also two rare skins available for Bloodhound as well namely, G7 Scout skin and Red Tiger R99 Skin.

These can be bought along with the Pathfinder Bundle for 2,500 Apex Coins.

Weapons are important!
First things first, always keep looking for weapons as you start off with only a Mozambique Shotgun equipped with Holo optic and level 1 Shield.

There are a total of 9 weapons (4 shotguns and 5 snipers). These include the two heirloom weapons – the PeaceKeeper and the Kraber, the Mastiff, and the Tripletake.

You’ll also find Gold Weapons like Golden Charge Rifle and the Golden EVA-8 which can be extremely effective for you in this venture.

Know how to use the equipment!
For Armed and Dangerous it is recommended that you keep a shotgun in your first slot and a sniper in the second for short-range and long-range combats respectively.

Replace your Mozambique with any other shotgun you’ll find along the way as soon as possible.

And more importantly, don’t forget to tweak whichever shotgun rifle you pick up with a shotgun bolt!

As far as your sniper rifle is concerned, it all really comes down to your playstyle.

The Longbow is recommended is if you’re habitual of keeping a fare distance from your enemies and picking them one by one.

However, if you are someone who needs a backup in case your shotgun runs out of ammunition, go for the Charge Rifle as with its optic removed, it can fill up your first slot’s gap to a certain degree.

Talking about optics, finding the Digital Threat Optic is your best bet as it can drastically enhance your accuracy whether it is attached to your shotgun or sniper.

So, keep an eye out for it!

Fighting Approach

To be crowned the Champions of Armed and Dangerous, your squad needs to display an all-round performance with extraordinary teamwork and ability.

If you’ve been playing with your squadmates for quite some time, this shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.

In any case, we will point out a couple of fighting strategies that you can adopt in order to come out victorious out of this game mode.

Strategy # 1
Allow two of your squad members with their shotguns out to charge at the enemy while one of you take an elevated position, offering a good view of the enemies’ rank.

Take out your sniper and start targeting the enemies to create havoc amongst them.

This will allow your other squad members to push on them and finish them off at melee-range.

Strategy # 2
This method requires you and your teammates to get to a vantage point, not very far off, and start targeting the enemies with the sniper rifle.

When one of the enemies is knocked down, charge at the enemies with shotguns and take them all out.

If you are at a greater distance from the foes when one of them is eliminated and you need to get to them quickly, you can always use a mobility ability like Pathfinder’s Zipline, Octane’s Jump Pad, Wraith’s Portal, or Loba’s Jumpdrive.

Follow these strats and tips and you are sure to come out on top of this limited time Armed and Dangerous event for Apex Legends.

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