APB Reloaded Errors and Fixes

Find out you can resolve all the crashes, freezes, errors and learn how to fix them when when playing APB Reloaded on Steam.

All Points Bulletin is still alive and it has found a new life at Steam. APB Reloaded ‘Free to Play version of the game’ can now be played using Steam and if you are among those who are already testing it out, you wouldn’t know the game is not without bugs. Don’t worry though, we have jotted down every possible workaround that can help you resolve all APB Reloaded Errors and Fixes.

APB Reloaded Errors and Fixes

#1 Game Crashes Constantly Error – ‘Out of Memory’
If you meet minimum memory requirements but are still facing the issue then you can try this workaround to make full use of the available memory.

#2 Game Crashes With Error 0x776be3fb
You can try following workaround to resolve this issue:

  • Reinstall the Physx
  • Check the File integrity (some files might be missing)
  • Or if you are using AMD gfx, use only one monitor while disable the rest.

#3 Being Kicked By Punckbuster/Server Kick
If the server keeps kicking you, you can try the following workarounds:

  • Open the Windows Control Panel, and navigate to “Add/Remove Programs” (on XP) or “Uninstall a program” (on Vista/Win7).
  • Uninstall “PunkBuster Services”.
  • Restart the machine after the uninstallation process has completed.
  • Open the APB Launcher. It will indicate that it is installing PunkBuster.

If the above workaround doesn’t work for you, you can try this alternative:

  • Navigate to the folder where APB is installed, and open the Binaries folder. Inside Binaries, select the ‘pb’ folder and delete it.
  • Open the web page
  • Type in the Security Code and click Download Now.
  • Save the ‘pbsetup.zip’ file to your computer, and extract the ‘pbsetup.exe’ file from inside the zip file.
  • Run ‘pbsetup.exe’.
  • Click I Agree and OK and Click ‘Add a Game’.
  • Next to Game, select APB Reloaded in the drop down.
  • Next to Game Path, browse to the Binaries folder inside your APB installation folder. For example if APB is installed at C:\Games\APB Reloaded, then the box should read “C:\Games\APB Reloaded\Binaries\”.
  • Click ‘Add Game’ and then Click ‘Check for Updates’.
  • When the update process completes, click OK and close the application.

#4 Error – District Failed to Connect
If you can’t connect to district after login then you need to reinstall/update your Punkbuster.


#5 Being Kicked by Punkbuster – Loosing Key Packets
You should uninstall Punkbuster, restart your PC and re-install Punkbuster to solve the issue. Follow the link for detailed instructions.

#6 Can’t Connect/Enter Armas Marketplace
Add APB_Geckoprogram in your firewall exceptions list or just disable your firewall to resolve this issue. You may have to disable your anti-virus, if it is blocking this file.

#7 Crossfire Launch/Performance Issue
If you are using dual cards through a crossfire then you should rename the “APBprogram” file to “Crysisprogram” as APB does not support Crossfire by default.

#8 Game Launcher Does Not Start
If you don’t get the launcher after executing the file then you should:

  • Update Internet Explorer to the latest version (regardless if you use IE or not)
  • And make sure that you have latest version of .Net Framework.

#9 Getting 60004 Error
The only way to get rid of this issue is to contact the customer support and tell them your character’s name and world. They will fix the issue for you.

#10 Error – Failed To Initialize Physx
If you are getting this error then uninstall the Physx, restart your system, and reinstall it from APB folder>\TPI\PhysX\PhysX_9.10.0129_SystemSoftwareprogram.

#11 ABP Error Codes and Their Meanings
If you are receiving any error code, then check the reason for that particular code so that you can find the appropriate solution:

General Error Codes
Error 10001 – Wrong patch.
Error 10004 – Someone else is logged into your account.
Error 10007 – Login server is down and will be back online shortly.
Error 8 – Login server is down or unreachable.
Error 9 – Same as Error 8, just with the worldwide servers.
Error 10010 – This means that your log-in details are incorrect. (Or your closed beta account is not activated)
Error 10013 – Correct log-in details but something else is stopping you from logging in.

G1 Error Codes
Error 11001 – Account connection failed.
Error 11002 – Account is in pending status.
Error 11003/11004 – Account connection failed. Check username and password.
Error 11006 – Account doesn’t meet the age requirement for APB.
Error 60004 – Account is locked into another district

Socket Error Codes
Socket Error 10004 – Interrupted function call
Socket Error 10013 – Permission denied
Socket Error 10014 – Bad address
Socket Error 10022 – Invalid argument
Socket Error 10024 – Too many open files
Socket Error 10035 – Resource temporarily unavailable
Socket Error 10036 – Operation now in progress
Socket Error 10037 – Operation already in progress
Socket Error 10038 – Socket operation on non-socket
Socket Error 10039 – Destination address required
Socket Error 10040 – Message too long
Socket Error 10041 – Protocol wrong type for socket
Socket Error 10042 – Bad protocol option
Socket Error 10043 – Protocol not supported
Socket Error 10044 – Socket type not supported
Socket Error 10045 – Operation not supported
Socket Error 10046 – Protocol family not supported
Socket Error 10047 – Address family not supported by protocol family
Socket Error 10048 – Address already in use
Socket Error 10049 – Cannot assign requested address
Socket Error 10050 – Network is down
Socket Error 10051 – Network is unreachable
Socket Error 10052 – Network dropped connection on reset
Socket Error 10053 – Software caused connection abort
Socket Error 10054 – Connection reset by peer
Socket Error 10055 – No buffer space available
Socket Error 10056 – Socket is already connected
Socket Error 10057 – Socket is not connected
Socket Error 10058 – Cannot send after socket shutdown
Socket Error 10060 – Connection timed out
Socket Error 10061 – Connection refused
Socket Error 10064 – Host is down
Socket Error 10065 – No route to host
Socket Error 10067 – Too many processes
Socket Error 10091 – Network subsystem is unavailable
Socket Error 10092 – WINSOCK.DLL version out of range
Socket Error 10093 – Successful WSAStartup not yet performed
Socket Error 10094 – Graceful shutdown in progress
Socket Error 11001 – Host not found
Socket Error 11002 – Non-authoritative host not found
Socket Error 11003 – This is a non-recoverable error
Socket Error 11004 – Valid name, no data record of requested type

Thanks Shadows @ GamersFirst Forums.

#12 ABP Reloaded Lag Fix
To fix the high pings and lag, you can try the following workaround:

  • Pando media booster is a program that is installed automatically along with the game. Uninstalling can free up your resources a bit.
  • Or try this latency fix to reduce the ping.

#13 Can’t Login Through Steam
If your Steam account is not working then login with gamersfirst ID.

#14 Vivox Voice Doesn’t Load/Start
You can try starting the program manually from Gamersfirst/APB Reloaded/Binaries folder.

If you are facing any other issues, let us know in the comments below and we will try to help you out.

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