How To Counter Anti-Tank Vehicles in Company of Heroes 3

How to counter something that counters your tanks in Company of Heroes 3?

In a game like Company of Heroes 3, Tanks would automatically become many players’ favorite type of attack unit. Tanks can be devastating if left unchecked, so to counter them, there are anti-tank vehicles and units as well in CoH3. However, those relying heavily on tanks to succeed would hate these vehicles and want to know a strategy to counter them. While you can’t really counter their anti-tank vehicles 100% in the game, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make your Tank strategy work.

This guide will discuss how to become a champion by successfully countering and destroying all the anti-tank vehicles.

Tips to counter anti-tank vehicles in CoH3

In Company Of Heroes 3, all the vehicles have high armor on the front, medium on the sides, and low armor on the rear.  Therefore, players should try their best to keep the front of their vehicle towards the enemy’s side whenever they counter any enemy.

As players counter the anti-tank vehicles with the front side of their vehicle, there’s the best chance of bouncing the enemy’s fire and avoiding damage from their anti-vehicle weaponry.

In Company of Heroes 3, there are two main threats to the player’s vehicle. These two threats are as follows:

  • Source of damage that can kill them.
  • Enemy abilities that can apply debilitating effects are mostly referred to as critical.

Some criticals are temporary and are given by the yellow icon as in the picture below:

anti-tank vehicles counter coh 3

While other criticals are permanent and are given by red symbol, these criticals last until your vehicle is repaired up to 90 health.

In case, Players accidentally pass their vehicle over an enemy mine, this will result in great damage to the vehicle and also will cripple the vehicle’s engine permanently. Players should, therefore, always send a Minesweeper ahead of their vehicle to detect the mines and then defuse them.

A vehicle can also kill the mine with a tech ground, which can be safer and faster. When fighting infantry squads with anti-vehicle, use evasive movement. This will make your vehicle move faster and can typically outrange the infantry squad’s anti-vehicle weapons.

In Company of Heroes 3, anti-tank weapon teams only fire in a limited coin of forwards, so Vision can help you avoid this area. They also take a while to change direction, so keep moving to ensure they don’t get a chance to sit in and deal damage.

Apart from all this, players are highly recommended to use M1 57 mm anti-tank gun as they counter anti-tank vehicles. This gun has great Penetration; above that, its shooting range is greater than that of a German tank. The best strategy is the combined use of Riflemen’s sticky bombs and the M1 57 mm. As players counter the anti-tank vehicle,  Riflemen’s sticky bombs will reduce the tank’s mobility, and then players can easily destroy it with M1 57 mm.