Anthem Strongholds Guide – Tyrant Mine, Heart of Rage, the Temple of Scar

Another feature added to Anthem is the Strongholds. These are like dungeons. You essentially enter an area where you have to complete certain objectives and make your way to the end of the area.

Anthem Strongholds

On your way to the end, you will be facing enemies who grow stronger as you approach the end with a boss for the Stronghold to defeat at the end.

Like the Normal Mode, you can jump in the Strongholds solo or with the squad of 4 players.

There are currently three Strongholds in Anthem. The first one is called the Tyrant Mine.

The other two are additional dungeons that can be unlocked by finishing the Story Mode campaign. Heart of Rage and The Temple of the Scar are the two additional Strongholds.

Be sure to check out our individual Strongholds Guides for more information on how to complete each one of them.

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