Anthem Loot System is Biased to Your Javelin

Anthem loot system will be biased to the type of Javelin you are using which makes sense since players won’t be able to trade loot with each other. BioWare’s Mark Durrah confirmed this on Twitter when a fan asked about the loot system.

He further explained that Anthem loot system doesn’t only drop loot useful for your Javelin but other random stuff as well. Other random stuff will be tradeable at vendors and may also be used for other Javelins you may control.

Anthem loot system is different from what we have seen in The Division which allows you to trade loot and often items you get are more useful to your teammates than you. But we will get a better idea of how it works when the beta rolls out. According to BioWare, the beta will be held early next year.

The beta feedback will be used to improve the game in the following months, post-launch. BioWare is trying to deliver a complete package.

You would be able to play for months and months. Even if we weren’t then layering a live service on top of it. So, I think it’s an excellent value right off the start. You know, four Exosuits, a complete story. So, both I think it’s a complete package but it’s also the starting line of an experience as well.

Apart from the loot system for the Javelins, there is a detailed customization system in Anthem that allows you to modify your suits. Each Javelin is unique in many ways but gender neutral. Players will have to unlock various suits by completing missions throughout the world of Anthem, the world which is apparently called Mirrus.

Anthem is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in February 2019.

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