New Anthem Game Glitch Makes Any Boss Invisible, Players Beat Him Anyway

BioWare’s Anthem continues to struggle with in-game glitches, bugs, and the latest one makes a boss invisible. Yes, the boss can still kill you and a player has now recorded a video to provide proof of how this glitch in Anthem is affecting the game.

Players are reporting that this glitch randomly occurs and is not linked to a specific boss. This video evidence was provided by a Reddit user Zenro45 who shared his encounter with invisible Swarm Tyrant boss in BioWare’s Anthem.

It’s crazy, right? even crazier is the fact that the team was able to defeat this unseen boss by coordinating with each other. You better learn from them since this glitch is not going to be fixed anytime soon.

Different players responded to the thread by saying that they have encountered similar kind of glitch in the game before. Some are even taking this as a hint of Grandmaster 4 which is a difficulty not yet available in the game. Personally, I don’t think that there’s ever going to be a difficulty in the game which is going to make boss invisible for an entire fight.

Let’s just hope that this glitch gets fixed soon before regular enemies in BioWare’s Anthem start to disappear as well. Of course, this is not the biggest bug discovered in the game but it’s certainly one of the most annoying as it makes us feel like the game is actually broken (BioWare disagrees).

Many players have made it clear that they have had enough of the game’s glitches, bugs, lack of content and the boring combat. We hope that Electronic Arts is not going to leave it to die like Mass Effect Andromeda.


To make the players stay, the developers will have to stop giving players what they absolutely hate. The glitch does confirm that there’s still a lot to be done with future Anthem updates and patches.

Anthem Patch 1.04 is now live on platforms which aims to fix various game issues reported by the community. At first, it made a lot of things worse in the game but later the team released a couple of server-side fixes to address them.

It’s now confirmed that you will now receive guaranteed Masterwork items at the end of Strongholds. Your teammates will no longer pick up loot for you as the bug has been now fixed.

We hope that the team is ready to fix every other issue (including above) in the same short period of time because they keep coming. Stay tuned to Segmentnext in order to know when this issue is resolved.

Anthem published by EA is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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