Anthem Interceptor Class Builds Guide – Hit and Run, Detonator, Melee Builds, Recommended Loadouts

The Interceptor Javelin in Bioware’s Anthem is one of the most polarizing classes out there. It is extremely squishy, but it can deal an insane amount of damage. Interceptor is also by far the most agile class. Given the day one patch’s buff, the Interceptor is now an excellent choice for any player looking to play like an assassin. This class does have a steep learning curve to it, but once mastered it is one of the most fun ones to play.

Anthem Interceptor Class Builds

In this guide, we will go over three builds for the Interceptor. The focus of the Interceptor Javelin class is to dish in as much melee damage as possible, then escape for life.

This is the classic hunter class in Anthem, and it rewards tactical play with an excellent build very well.

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Interceptor Hit and Run Build – Ice-cold Elite Hunter

  • Assault System: Cryo Glaive
  • Strike System: Tempest Strike
  • Support Seal: Target Beacon


The Interceptor is all about getting in close and personal. It is not quite as easy to get a reliable Primer and Detonator combo with this Javelin as it is with, say, the Storm.

However, if you are playing with a group, you can still get the best out of the Interceptor with this build.

This build for the Interceptor offers one of the few reliable Primer/Detonator combos available with the Interceptor as far as abilities go.

The Cryo Glaive acts as your main Primer, and since it is from a range, it is highly useful when combined with an automatic short-ranged weapon like a pistol.

Tempest Strike is the bread and butter ability for this build. You have to use the Interceptor’s incredible speed and agility to dash around, targeting mainly the Elite enemies to deal damage.

Regular mobs can be dealt with easily with your melee skill, but the core focus of the build is to target the Elite enemies you will come across.

Also, thanks to the Interceptor’s Combo Effect, enemies around the Elite will continue to freeze because you will have hit the Elite with Cryo Glaive.

You will need to start off by firing your weapon (more on that below), then hitting the elite enemy with Cryo Glaive, followed by Tempest Strike. This devastating combo will deal a lot of damage.

Once you are done with it, jump out of the skirmish for a few seconds to recover any lost shield, wait until both abilities have regenerated, and then repeat the process.

Your main focus with this build will be to clear out the most dangerous elite enemies for your team until you reach the boss.

This build struggles a bit with bosses on solo, but with smart hit and run tactics, it is still reliable enough to solo even on Grandmaster difficulty.


Weapons in Anthem are not as powerful as the Javelin abilities, but the Interceptor can greatly benefit from automatic pistols. The two main recommended pistols are the Unending Battle and Avenging Herald.

The Unending Battle will deal 110% more melee damage to enemies after you have shot them with it for five seconds.

This means that after starting the attack with this weapon, you can unleash the Primer/Detonator combo on them for massive damage.

Avenging Herald will increase damage by 200$ while hovering, and you can then unleash Tempest Strike from the air. The choice between the two will largely depend on your playstyle.


For components, it is paramount to focus on defense, since the Interceptor is extremely squishy.

You will want to equip as many Masterwork components as you can for this very reason, as they provide the highest amount of shield and armor reinforcement. We recommend at least three Masterwork components to improve survivability.

For offensive components, consider Blade Inscription to maximize the damage of your Detonator, melee ability, and Ultimate.

Interceptor Melee Damage Build – The Bomber

  • Assault System: Venom Bomb
  • Strike System: Detonating Strike
  • Support Seal: Target Beacon


This build is all about priming and taking advantage of the unique melee abilities of the Interceptor.

The interceptor’s melee ability as well as Ultimate are both Detonators and given how the melee ability can go on almost endlessly, it makes sense to take two Primers and go ham on enemy’s asses.

The key to this build is to prime multiple enemies. Venom Bomb is the most reliable AoE ability for the Interceptor and dealing poison damage to a cluster of enemies at once.

You can follow this up with a Detonating Strike on the most powerful enemies. Your Combo Effect will kick in at this time, and you can unleash a devastating flurry of melee attacks to create combos all over the place.

Of course, it is still important to keep the Interceptor’s squishiness in mind. For this reason, the entire burst melee damage should not last more than a few seconds.

Toss in a Venom Bomb, use Detonating Strike on the toughest enemy in the group, unleash your melee offense, and then dodge out of the skirmish to a safe zone. Rinse and repeat until everything in the area is dead.


We recommend the same weapons as we did for the previous build.

However, we lean towards the Unending Battle more because of its reliable increased melee damage to Elite enemies, which stacks very well with the devastating combos with the Primers and your melee abilities.


We recommend preferring Masterwork components that greatly improve your defense over those that increase the damage of your Q and E. Because your two abilities are Primers, their damage is not as important as the combo with the melee skill.

Moreover, because your melee skill is the most important aspect of this build, you will need as much defense as possible to survive while you are in the middle of all the chaos.

Blade Inscription should not be compromised either, as it will be the single most important offensive component you equip. Finally, you can choose to Amphibious Augment to improve your Venom Bomb damage, provided you have the slot for it.

Interceptor Detonator Build – The Finisher

  • Assault System: Spark Dash
  • Strike System: Tempest Strike
  • Support Seal: Target Beacon


Error 404, Primer not found. The Interceptor is predominantly associated with detonation.

Yes, it actually does have more Primers than Detonators (4 vs 2, to be precise), but that is actually because detonation comes so naturally to this Javelin class.

Why? Because your melee attack and your Ultimate are both Detonators and melee attacks are the main source of damage for the Interceptor.

This build works exceptionally when you are playing with a group that has a Primer Storm. If you are playing with friends, it is an excellent option to combine with a Storm Javelin whose primary purpose is crowd control and priming.

Once primed, you can use any of the four Detonators you will have at your disposal in this build. This will make you a fantastic finisher, arriving latest to the skirmish but being the one standing among the corpses of your foes, blades out to the sides.

It also works great for bosses and their weak points as well, since it is difficult for an Interceptor to constantly remain engaged with a boss. This build is particularly effective against enemies with shields thanks to the Spark Dash Detonator.


Because you will be far away from the main mob until they are primed by your teammate, you will want to have a powerful long-range weapon alongside your regular automatic pistols as well.

We will still recommend the Unending Battle as the default weapon of choice for this build for its melee buff.


As with the previous builds, you will want to primarily focus on equipping at least three Masterwork components that greatly increase your shield and armor. However, this time around you should also try to acquire at least one Assault System augment.

We also recommend Blade Inscription as well as Battle Inscription, the latter being useful for the initial part of the battle when your teammates are priming enemies for combos.

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